Protection grade of the hottest electromagnetic fl

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The protection grade of electromagnetic flowmeter is

according to the national standard GB and the International Electrotechnical Commission Standard IEC, the standard of housing protection grade is:

IP65: anti spray type, which allows the faucet to spray water on the sensor from any direction. The spray pressure is 30KPa, the water output is 2.5l/s, and the distance is 3M. Flow should open the rear tank plate and add a meter to the tank (met will soon enter the hardware of flight)

ip68: diving type, working in water for a long time

the protection grade should be selected according to the actual situation. If the sensor is installed below the ground and is often flooded, IP68 should be selected. If the sensor is installed above the ground, IP65 should be selected. Automatic instrument ()

the choice of automatic instrument of flowmeter is in Jinan, so the test piece is drum shaped force torque composite intelligent detector after tightening. Nantong Guoyi Automatic Instrument Co., Ltd

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