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Zhongxing cloud: open the "smart" road of big data cloud computing

with the rapid development of mobile Internet and Internet +, information data is exploding, and all walks of life are accelerating to embrace the era of big data. The cloud computing market has also ushered in a golden development period of sharp demand. Internet giants, operators and cutting-edge enterprises led by bat are involved in water cloud computing, intending to seize more resources and opportunities in the early development of the cloud computing industry

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on November 3, ZTE, the largest listed company in the communication industry in China, released zhongxingyun in Yinchuan and officially announced its entry into the public cloud market. But this time, it did not cause the sense of crisis of the wolf, but brought a sudden and bright insight to the industry: how to quickly realize the big data interconnection of cloud computing IQ, and a new way of future cooperation and development

intelligent Zhongxing cloud

in the industry, cloud computing and big data are known as another peak of the entire information revolution after informatization and interconnection. Not long ago, the State Council issued the outline of action on promoting the development of big data, which proposed the implementation of the national big data strategy for the first time. The reason why cloud computing is valued by the industry and even the country is that it can not only save the cost and cycle of information infrastructure construction for enterprises, but also enable enterprises to understand customers and markets through data collection, storage, mining, modeling, analysis and application, help enterprises predict the future direction of the market, and better plan enterprise production. It is a think tank of enterprises

but the reality is that the domestic public cloud market is still in its infancy. Most cloud service providers mainly provide IAAs cloud basic resources such as data collection and storage, and do not have the ability to provide a complete set of cloud solutions that are deeply integrated with enterprise business

Wang Dongming, general manager of ZTE cloud service company, introduced that ZTE cloud is a cloud in the innovative overall architecture of ZTE smart city, which not only follows the wisdom of smart city core businesses such as smart transportation and smart government, but also realizes the integration and upgrading of wisdom on this basis

ZTE cloud has the inherent advantage of intelligent government affairs to simplify the administrative approval process. Flat management improves the efficiency of enterprises. It collects various information data of enterprises through the cloud platform and conducts big data analysis, helping the government to understand the situation of enterprises in a timely and accurate manner, providing accurate data assistance for the government's strategic decisions, and improving the government's service ability and level to enterprises. Thanks to the smart city breaking the information island, ZTE cloud can enjoy the urban data resources that other traditional cloud service providers do not have, and can truly integrate and deeply mine various data such as government offices, bank credit reporting, enterprise business and personal social networking, so as to provide customized solutions for enterprises to understand and lock target users, predict the market and plan production, and do a good job in operation and services, It also greatly promotes the innovation of derivative industries such as big data, and lays a foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the city's overall industry

Wang Dongming said that as a core component of the smart city, ZTE cloud is positioned as a platform for resource integration and service docking to provide enterprises with end-to-end overall solutions, which can help enterprises find people, money, technology, market, users and all resources

smart 3.0 road of win-win cooperation

ZTE has launched cloud computing products and services since 2009, but ZTE cloud has not officially launched it until today, which is also a new attempt after ZTE has completely opened up all kinds of smart applications in smart cities

at present, smart city is the largest ICT investment market in China. The number of smart city pilot projects announced by major ministries and commissions in China has reached 506, but only a handful of smart cities have truly realized the interconnection and sharing of city level data. Smart Yinchuan is a model among them. It has opened 13 single modules of 10 major systems, including government affairs, transportation, community, medical treatment, tourism, etc., to truly realize full coverage and cross departmental sharing of data

Xu Ming, vice president of ZTE, said at the press conference that ZTE cloud chose to launch in Yinchuan precisely because it took a fancy to Yinchuan as a model for data connectivity in smart cities across the country. ZTE cloud services combines smart applications with big data applications, and makes smart cities rise from serving citizens and urban management services to enterprise services. This is also still at a high level, which is the core content of the upgraded ZTE Smart City 3.0

Xu Ming revealed that ZTE Smart City 3.0 will focus on exploring the business model of big data operation, ZTE cloud and other scientific and technological innovation platform services and the training of big data management talents. At present, the 3.0 benchmark city is under preparation, and may only be lubricated with excellent machine oil to complete the pilot in two years

Wang Dongming also said that ZTE cloud will focus on the business model and will not compete directly with existing public cloud manufacturers such as Alibaba in terms of basic hardware investment, and will not rule out cooperating with well-known public cloud manufacturers at home and abroad to provide mature end-to-end cloud solutions for government and enterprise customers

it is understood that ZTE is one of the first manufacturers to enter the field of smart city in China. Its smart city 2.0 solution has mature and replicable outstanding characteristics, and can be rapidly promoted in the industry. With the pilot and promotion of Smart City 3.0 with big data application as the core, it will not only open a shortcut for cloud computing to rapidly improve software services and application capabilities, but also bring beneficial and in-depth impact on the competition and cooperation in the field of cloud computing

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