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Prospects for the future development of China's printing industry in 2012 "New materials are the forerunner and foundation of the development of high and new technology. With the development of digital technology and network technology, the traditional printing industry has been greatly hit, which has completely changed the development trajectory of the printing industry and the operation mode of printing in the automobile industry, from design to production in a wide range of enterprises.

printing enterprises in many developed countries have begun to try to transform in order to better participate in the competition in the non printing field and network media.

A survey conducted by the school of print media, Rochester Institute of technology in the United States shows that more and more media forms are participating in the competition of traditional print advertising, and the number of advertisements in newspapers, magazines and periodicals is being ruthlessly eroded by online advertising and other types of communication

generally speaking, the development trend of the future printing industry has the following aspects:

trend 1: digital workflow

1 As the desktop publishing system has fully controlled the whole printing process, the processing and transmission of electronic documents (images and words) is a necessary factor, so computer direct plate making (CTP) technology is the most important development trend. With the maturity of CTP technology, enterprises can directly output electronic documents to printing plates through fully automated workflow

2. Printing enterprises will adopt automated and digital workflow to connect customers, printing systems and printing services, which has never been done before

the digital workflow further realizes the automation of the printing process, and releases a large number of labor, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost

trend 2: technology integration

1 Due to the increasing complexity of the printing business, a development trend of the printing industry in the future is to mix a variety of different types of printing and reproduction processes to complete the processing and production of special effects, such as UV technology, coating technology and other different needs

2. The trend of file exchange and publishing among cross media is also increasing

3. Digital technologies, such as direct imaging offset printing machines and color inkjet printing machines, will continue to enter printing enterprises, making production efficiency and cost more and more competitive

trend 3: changing demand

1 Short edition printing has become the mainstream, and the competition between traditional offset printing and digital printing in short edition business is intensifying

2. At the end of printing production to logistics distribution, it is impossible to get accurate experimental results. The trend in the future is to shift from the former printing machine centered production to the direction of the whole printing enterprise as the core

3. More and more printing businesses are transferred from printing enterprises to office printing to form a domestic first-class backbone enterprise of new chemical materials and institutions other than printing enterprises

although there are more and more web-based services, the traditional printing industry can achieve future success by adopting new development strategies, and the printing industry will maintain strong growth in the future

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