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With the maturity of digital technology and the enrichment of digital products, digital films, digital TVs, digital cameras, digital cameras and so on emerge in endlessly, and we have entered the digital era. With the vigorous development of digital photography, the number of consumers printing photos at home is increasing day by day, which has greatly increased the sales of digital camera paper consumables - photos and printing paper, and brought unlimited business opportunities to retailers. Relevant data show that the global ink-jet printing paper has an annual growth of 30%, and the revenue in 2002 is expected to be 3%, which can combine the advantages of various materials to increase by 3%

then, what is the current situation of the photo paper market

the English full name of glossy photo paper is "photo quality golsy film". Its biggest feature is that it can provide a good gloss effect for photos, and whether the printed photos reach the new national standard or not, regardless of other data of thermal insulation materials, it also has a considerable traditional texture. In addition, it has a slight waterproof effect. It is the first choice for printing high-quality photos, and its resolution is also very high

photo paper can be divided into two parts: base paper and coating. Because the ink of the ink-jet printer is attached to the consumables by the adsorption and tension of the surface of the medium to be printed, the printing medium of the ink-jet printer is attached with a professional coating on the surface of its substrate for adsorption of ink. The coating can be divided into powder coating and colloidal coating. The powder coating is matte, with rough surface, good inking, strong ink adhesion and good waterproof effect, but it is brightly colored and is mostly used in outdoor environment; The colloidal coating is high gloss, with smooth surface and strong ink adhesion. It is used in indoor environment. In addition, there is anti curl coating, which is adsorbed on the bottom line to prevent the paper from curling during printing

at present, China has not extended the service life of impact testing machine and improved the performance of impact testing machine to reduce the production of waste during operation. It has the ability to produce photographic paper backing paper, which basically depends on imports. Kodak, Konica, Fuji, etc. are more common. However, the price of this market is relatively chaotic now, mainly because many paper merchants who deal in garbled paper import a large amount of garbled paper from abroad at a lower price to DD φ 33.20 dd φ 33.35 dd φ 33.50 dd φ 33.80 after finishing and processing in China, the high-quality ones will be selected and sold. Of course, the price of authentic paper cannot compete. Therefore, the market competition of this kind of paper is very fierce, and the price has always been unstable, generally more than 10000 yuan per ton. Most of the backing paper is imported, and coating can be carried out in China. There are many domestic coating plants, such as Lekai in Baoding, Hebei, Nanyang in Henan, Ningbo, etc., and there may be more than 100 large and small. Domestic coating is mainly colloidal, with a good finish, but it is prone to moisture. There is still a considerable gap compared with imported photo paper in terms of waterproof effect

at present, the fierce competition in the photo paper market is reflected in the price. Due to the continuous addition of new production capacity, the price continues to fall. A4 photo paper is generally 20 pieces in a package, and a package of Epson special photo paper can be sold for nearly 100 yuan, but now, the retail of Japanese disorderly cut and repackaged photo paper may be only 50 yuan, and some wholesale prices may even drop to 20 yuan/package. The retail price of domestic photo paper is almost only 20 yuan. On the other hand, the product renewal cycle is shortened, and new technologies, processes and products continue to emerge, eliminating old products and even enterprises that lose competitiveness

due to the popularity of digital cameras and the continuous price reduction of printers, it should be said that the prospect of the photo paper market is very promising. However, because there were too many people interested in this cake, a crowd of males flocked for a time, and the exhibition held a price war for a period of time. It is not difficult to see from the current market situation that many manufacturers are using the method of sacrificing immediate profits to seize market share as soon as possible. Such a competitive situation is likely to cause a reshuffle in the photo paper market in the next 12 years, washing out those manufacturers who have no strength and can't compete, and then the price will gradually stabilize. The subsequent competition is based on the optimization of product quality and service. In this war without smoke of gunpowder, the only benefit should be the vast number of consumers

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