The hottest nylon chip market rose slightly last w

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Last week, the nylon chip market increased slightly, and the subsequent market price continued to rise

the nylon chip market increased slightly last week, but the increase in market transaction level is limited. The quotation of Zhejiang high-speed spinning chips in East China was raised to 24500 yuan/ton, and that in Wuxi was 24200 yuan/ton. The market price was mostly yuan/ton. It was accepted and delivered, the shipment was normal, and the startup rate remained stable; The quotation of conventional spinning chips was raised to yuan/ton, and the lower price was 24000 yuan/ton. The market price was yuan/ton, but the startup rate of some small polymerization devices decreased, and the overall shipment was stable; The market price in North China is stable, conventional spinning and industrial grade chips remain at yuan/ton, and shipments are stable; The quotation in South China is yuan/ton, and the startup rate is stable; The quotation in Central China remained at yuan/ton, and some were delivered, but the shipment was weakened and the startup rate was stable. At present, from the perspective of the startup rate of less personnel, the startup rate of civil polymerization is maintained at Cheng, the large polymerization is generally in Cheng, the small polymerization is slightly lower, the powder of the first layer is paved, and the polymerization device in the cord fabric factory is opened, so we should pay attention to two key problems: the probability of success, and the startup rate of the large polymerization device is high. The quotation of Taiwan slice continued to rise slightly this week, and the market transaction was good, and the mainstream price was USD/ton

aftermarket analysis: Nylon chip raw materials are currently supported at a high level. With the increase of Taiwan made chips, the market price will continue to try to promote the increase. However, the downstream nylon FDY wire manufacturers reported that it was difficult to raise the price, and it was difficult to turn the change-over switch to the "loading" position, as well as the appreciation of the RMB. The upward pressure on nylon chips was still large

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