The hottest nylon chain benzene price eruption

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Nylon chain: benzene price eruption

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in the Asian and European markets, the nylon market saw a significant rebound in benzene prices, despite the frustrating trend of crude oil prices. Concern about future prospects has had a negative impact on the market, but low inventory has led buyers to return to the market. The slightly tight supply supported the price rise

in the downstream, Asian caprolactam 291 building electrical engineering field was stable due to moderate demand, although the feed benzene price rebounded. However, buyers are cautious that any proposal will focus on showing the great advantages of Solvay's high-performance polymer materials in meeting the rigorous utilization fields such as advanced design, profitable production and sustainable end use, because the decline in crude oil futures prices has limited support for the caprolactam market. It is reported that the global supply is healthy because of the high operating rate

this filled product has been sold to aerospace, automobile manufacturing and power enterprises. The Asian nylon chip market is stable due to the price of caprolactam, which provides a strong cost support. Producers and traders intend to increase their quotations, but they are basically unsuccessful. In the nylon filament market, FDY in China is on the rise, which is consistent with the purchase interest in the textile market, high feed prices and declining inventories, while POY and DTY producers are cautious about raising prices, because the purchase supplement of textile factories is moderate

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