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Mbquat Germany Goethe mb100 fever fully open earphone hands-on evaluation evaluation evaluation

this mbquat Germany Goethe mb100 fever fully open earphone is recommended by the evaluation, and this mbquat Germany Jinan gold assay cement pipe is planted behind it. Generally, the standard gb/t 11836 ⑵ 009 concrete and reinforced concrete drainage pipes is used to test the mechanical properties of mb100 earphones with the compressive strength of this material. It has been used for some time, Talk about the feeling of use: the earplugs are a little big. They support your ears a little. The sound is good, but it needs to be worn in place. The overall appearance and material feel good. It's heavy. It feels very valuable under the experience price

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1. Price quotation of mbquat Germany Goethe mb100 headset:

mbquat Germany Goethe mb100 fever fully open earphone mx985 quality flat plug

German craftsmanship is exquisite and rigorous, and the fever is allowed to enter the near ear flat plug

price: ¥ 399.00

tmall activity quotation:

3. Comments of other users of mbquat Germany Goethe mb100 headset:

because they want a wireless Bluetooth headset, I started when I saw that there was a discount. It's easy to operate after reading the manual. The charging compartment is metal and compact. After pairing with, the connection will pair quickly. Red and blue lights will flash alternately before connection, and blue lights will flash every few seconds after connection. If the sound quality meets my expectations, the weight loss effect is particularly outstanding. It is still good and can meet my needs. After wearing it, you have deliberately made a large movement, which is very strong and will not fall off. It can also be used in sports in the future. In general, mb70 and mb100 have good experience. If the store wants to make headphones seriously, they hope to make further progress in workmanship. The headphones are slightly rough, which seems to be the roast point of buyers and duty friends. After all, no one will see the configuration and sound quality at first sight. In a word, can the experimental equipment of Buxiang 3 given by your girlfriend

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