The hottest MCCs products are applied to coal mine

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Application of MCCs products in coal mine training project

Project Overview:

Shanxi Pingshuo coal mine group training room project

project details:

this project uses many MCCs (audio visual beauty) equipment. Including: wireless touch screen control interface, multimedia central control system, speaker, power amplifier, microphone, wireless microphone, etc

(1) central control system

m9000 high beauty and slimming peers nbsp; After the new injection molding of vehicle plastic, the product surface is high gloss and bright materials + detailed explanation of new process central control host

mt-57lk 5.7-inch wired true color touch screen

(2) to directly measure the radius and strain pickup system

d18 wired microphone

u800 wireless microphone

(3) sound reinforcement system

fa200 frequency shift power amplifier

s65 speaker

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