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McDonald's contracted in order to expand its strategy in Shanghai, "McDonald's" as a synonym for the modern "standardized society", may be inadvertently changing the connotation. This may be fatal for those operators who have been following McDonald's. Since last year, McDonald's poor financial situation has once forced it to carry out global strategic contraction, and the new CEO Cantalupo's appointment has greatly changed McDonald's business strategy

"introducing personalized elements under standardization" began to spread all over the world. A year-long campaign to climb the stairs is popular in Shanghai McDonald's. yesterday, Shi Wenzhe, general manager of Shanghai McDonald's, led nearly 200 company management and store managers to climb the 88 story Jinmao building, which seems to give McDonald's a hint of a new offensive in the coming year

McDonald's new packaging offensive

"we will replace the new packaging before the third quarter of next year." Yesterday, Shi Wenzhe confirmed the news of McDonald's global replacement of new packaging. However, he prefers to see this action as part of McDonald's new marketing campaign

in September this year, the launch of the "I'm loving it" advertisement made McDonald's uncles and employees all over the world dance hip-hop. This is a trick McDonald's hopes to attract young people to its stores. With the strong new marketing offensive, McDonald's global performance rebounded

this fast food giant has made many strange moves in China. In the process of hurting operators, McDonald's also adjusted the price (the price of Big Mac hamburger increased by 4%), and established a more fierce expansion offensive in China to fight its powerful rivals in China

however, Larry light, McDonald's chief global marketing officer, has a better explanation for replacing the new packaging: "this change is not only superficial, but also has an advertising effect." Light said that the simplified new design can also save costs, but the saved funds will be used for other promotion plans without increasing profits

the first store in Shanghai may be closed

as night falls, McDonald's Guangming Village store opposite Huating Isetan on Huaihai Road is brightly lit, and the TV screen at the door plays the advertising film "I'm loving it" launched by McDonald's in September this year. On July 18th, 1994, McDonald's opened its first store after entering Shanghai. It was open as usual. However, the news that McDonald's plans to close this store soon spread like wildfire

"what you heard is just a rumor, and the company has not yet made a formal decision." Yesterday, Shi Wenzhe made the above reply to the news that the first McDonald's restaurant in Shanghai will be closed. However, he did not deny that McDonald's was considering closing the store

at 7 o'clock last night, when I walked into McDonald's Guangming Village store, I found that customers went in and out without any abnormality. However, compared with McDonald's Parkson, which is more than 600 meters away and full of seats, it seems a little deserted here. The clerk told that there were only two McDonald's restaurants near the store, one was Parkson, and the other was a Shanghai Plaza store 600 meters away

changing opening space

some analysts believe that after the opening of McDonald's Parkson and Shanghai Plaza, the customers of this nearly 10-year-old store have been diverted, so McDonald's may consider closing the store and transferring resources to emerging business areas with more popular advantages

it is found that there are three KFC stores in Huaihai section from McDonald's Parkson to Guangming Village

"if this store is closed in the future, it is also a normal behavior under the market economy. At present, the environment of Shanghai business district is changing rapidly, new business districts are forming rapidly, and we are also stepping up investment." Shi Wenzhe said

it is reported that McDonald's will open a new store in the new world. Opposite this new temperature control equipment store, KFC, which has been operating in new world for a long time, has improved the flexural strength and modulus of carbon fiber laminates

at present, McDonald's has 64 stores in Shanghai. According to McDonald's foreign experience, the capacity of the Shanghai market should be in stores

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