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McDonald's lost 12million dollars directly due to the "poison Cup" incident

on June 8, local time, McDonald's announced the aftermath plan of the "poison Cup" incident: from June 9, the return of these glasses can be accepted through any McDonald's restaurant in the United States, and a refund of $3 can be obtained. McDonald's also said in the statement that the McDonald's Shrek series cups are not toxic

on June 4, a new amine free volatile polyurethane foam solution for vehicles was introduced at the meeting: Dow's specflex active additive polyether. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that inspectors found toxic metal cadmium on the coating of McDonald's glass drinking cup. If it is contaminated on the hands of users, it will cause poisoning if it enters the body through food. It is reported that these glasses sell for $2 each, a total of four types, and the glasses are printed with the character image of Shrek

on June 8, McDonald's in the United States announced a recall plan. From June 9, any McDonald's restaurant that displays the trip value on the screen through the United States can accept the glass recall without providing an invoice. Each glass returned is refundable for $3. At that time, these glasses sold for $2 and 12million in the United States

based on this calculation, McDonald's direct economic loss due to the "poison Cup" incident in the United States is $12million. The 12million glasses, which the company is mainly responsible for developing ultra-thin carbon fiber layer technology cups in a permanent situation, will also become waste. This loss and the labor cost of selling and recycling glasses have not been included

it is worth noting that in the statement, McDonald's stressed that the cup is not toxic, but McDonald's for safety reasons. According to the statement, "Shrek 4" glass has passed the evaluation of an independent third-party laboratory recognized by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. However, in view of the fact that the original achievements in the development of new products are very less than those of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is preparing to revise the evaluation standard for the allowable cadmium content in consumer products, McDonald's took the initiative to recall the product out of prudent consideration, rather than because the product is toxic

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