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Mazda finally compromised with the turbine. The new turbine actually contains the technology that Heike has maintained a rapid growth rate every year for five years

in those years, turbocharging became the mainstream trend of the global automotive internal combustion engine. Since then, Mazda has never compromised with turbocharged engines and has always made progress in the field of naturally aspirated engines. The "skyactive" series technology is the result of Mazda's continuous innovation. After Mazda released the skyactive-x compression ignition engine earlier this month, foreign media reported recently that Mazda has applied for a hybrid supercharging technology in the United States, which is a combination of traditional turbocharger and electronic supercharger, and is expected to be put into use

at the beginning of this month, Mazda released an important part of its "2030 declaration" - the new "skyactive-x" engine. It is reported that this engine is the world's first gasoline engine using compression ignition technology. Like a diesel engine, skyactive-x can realize ignition through the compression of mixed gas by the piston itself. At the same time, it can realize the seamless switching between spark ignition and compression ignition. It can be said to combine the advantages of gasoline engine and diesel engine

according to Mazda, skyactiv-x compression ignition engine, which combines the advantages of diesel and gasoline engines, will increase the torque by% compared with cash engine. "He said that at the same time, compared with cash skyactiv engine, it will increase the engine efficiency by 20%-30%, which will bring a certain improvement in fuel economy

shortly after Mazda released its new skyactive-x engine earlier this month, it applied for a dual turbocharging technology in the United States. This technology is not mentioned in Mazda's "2030 declaration", but it is expected to be put into use

7. D/a, a/d converters according to foreign media reports, the twin turbocharging system patented by Mazda this time is not a common twin turbocharging, but the introduction of electronic turbochargers and traditional turbocharging units T, kg, N, kn, G, LB pressure are used together. When the engine speed is low, the electronic turbocharger will use electric energy to provide additional intake pressure for the engine and improve engine efficiency; When the engine speed is high, the traditional turbocharger will intervene to further improve the engine power. The combination of electronic turbine and traditional turbine actually eliminates the lag phenomenon of traditional turbine at low engine speed

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