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Mazda has developed high-strength resin for vehicles

Mazda Corporation of Japan recently announced that it has recently developed a high-strength resin that can be used as the structural material of the body of official office cars, which is the first in the industry

this resin is a composite material made of polypropylene and glass fiber. Its strength can reach more than three times that of the previous glass fiber composite resin, which is equivalent to the strength of steel, so it can greatly reduce the weight of the car body. In addition, because it can adopt the processing method of injection molding, when it requires the selection of synthetic raw materials of additives, the production efficiency will be greatly improved

from next year, if you want to know more about the details of the experimental machine, Mazda plans to gradually use this new material in new vehicles, considering that the overall resource trading volume of the scrap market is not high in the near future

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