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MBO company launched a multi-functional post press processing system

the digi finisher installation solution of MBO company is to check whether the power line connected to the experimental machine is connected normally; Check whether the emergency stop switch is screwed up; Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the experimental machine is normal; Check whether the fuse on the socket of the machine is burnt out. The stapling system provides a variety of processing functions for the printer's post press processing. It can fold, match, bind, wrap and cut the printed sheet into the current line until it is processed into a volume. This digi finisher processing system, which can input both fixed data and variable data, can set the data without stopping the machine, and can flexibly realize online processing or offline processing with the printing machine. Digi finisher's MBO b-21 folding machine comes with its own paper feeder, which can not only carry out folding and binding online processing with the horse riding stapler, but also work offline with the horse riding stapler to complete the binding of aligned marking printed products

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