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MBO drupa Exhibition: post press enterprise remote control system RAS

at the 2008 drupa exhibition, MBO will display a remote control system RAS for post press binding professional enterprises. As a folding machine manufacturing enterprise, the product development department of MBO Group believes that the development of the market requires our folding manufacturers to provide real-time services, and the brutal market competition makes printing enterprises provide 24-hour services for images, Within a few hours, engineers arrive at the site, and these traditional service methods put forward higher requirements. It can be seen from the on-site demonstration that in the binding workshop equipped with MBO folding machine, the MBO folding machine is connected with the MBO service center on site, and the MBO service mechanical engineer directly monitors in front of the computer in Germany, and operates the inspection and maintenance of groups of MBO folding equipment far away from another country. The same as 1. The performance characteristics of tensile strength testing machine, the customer's equipment leader synchronously monitors the site at the other end of the home, All this can be achieved through the interconnection with safety protection. The key is a set of MBO Ras remote control system installed on the unit

through the RAS control system, the MBO Service Engineer solves the customer's problems in time. The system records all operations at the same time, and the customer controls the whole process at the same time. After solving the problem, the customer can choose to disconnect the connection with the MBO Service Center at any time, continue the original operation of the folding machine, and have no impact on the original setting. If necessary, he can re request the support of the MBO Service Center at any time, Everything is like taking place under a roof. In fact, in order to achieve the best cost performance, the two sides are far away. This troubleshooting or maintenance process has obvious advantages over traditional services, which greatly reduces the downtime of the equipment, greatly reduces the dependence of the equipment on skilled maintenance engineers, greatly reduces the cost of maintenance or repair, and greatly improves the accuracy of operation and improves the integrity of the equipment. 4 If the degree of heating test sample is placed in the box

of course, it must be mentioned that the RAS control system requires interconnected access, MBO touch-screen navigator console (the standard configuration of most MBO devices), and RAS software installation. The better news from MBO group is that MBO will provide two-year free service in the promotion stage of Ras control system. If RAS is purchased with folding equipment at the same time, MBO will increase one-year free service. The money saved by three-year free service for most printing enterprises has greatly exceeded the purchase cost of Ras. More importantly, customers using Ras will enjoy the benefits of business and corporate image brought by walking on the cutting edge of technology

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