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Mayors' Forum: mayors use intelligent manufacturing to weave a "new dream of the city"

Abstract: with the successive introduction of German industry 4.0, the American advanced manufacturing partnership program, and the made in China 2025 strategy, a transformation and upgrading, innovation driven war with intelligent manufacturing as the theme has begun

on the afternoon of December 6, the "World Smart manufacturing city mayor forum" was held in Nanjing. This forum was hosted by the Organizing Committee of the world smart Manufacturing Conference, organized by Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, and implemented by Jiangsu Provincial Association for the promotion of Soviet business development

with the slogan of "making manufacturing smarter and cities smarter", HD, Deputy Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, director of the preparatory office and deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Bai Ruinan, deputy president of the Royal Swedish Academy of engineering, Sade jahamir, President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Wei Jijian, director of the information and space division of the High Tech Department of the Ministry of science and Technology (an expert of the Ministry of science and Technology), President of the Soviet business school Qian Zhixin, former director of the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and more than 300 people gathered in Jinling, including the mayor of the National Smart manufacturing city, the mayor of 13 cities in Jiangsu Province, and the head of domestic smart manufacturing leading enterprises. WIMS famous cities will gather for the first time to discuss how to enhance the competitiveness of countries and cities with intelligent manufacturing while showing the strength, charm and vitality of cities

mayors' Forum: mayors use intelligent manufacturing to weave a "new dream of the city"

with the introduction of German industry 4.0, the American advanced manufacturing partnership program, and the made in China 2025 strategy, a transformation and upgrading, innovation driven war with intelligent manufacturing as the theme has begun

what are the opportunities for Jiangsu today, when the world ushers in a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change

Gao Qing, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, said in his speech: "In the new era, Jiangsu has many development opportunities, large development space and good development prospects. There are many good conditions for the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in Jiangsu: first, the industrial foundation is good, and the total economic output of the manufacturing industry ranks first in the country for many years in a row. Second, the degree of integration is high. At present, the application efficiency index, development level index and regional development level index of the integration of industrialization and industrialization of Jiangsu enterprises are all in the forefront of the country. Third, the support ability is strong There are more than 140 colleges and universities in Jiangsu, the number of academicians of the two academies of Jiangsu ranks first in the country, and the regional scientific and technological innovation ability ranks first in the country for many consecutive years. Fourth, the development atmosphere is good. Since modern times, Jiangsu industrialists have been the first to accept the influence of western industrial civilization, and have successively established a series of industries, continuing and strengthening the good tradition of paying attention to industry. On this basis, the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in our province is at the right time and in the right momentum, and there is great potential for us. "

sadjahmir, President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), said: "Intelligent manufacturing is very important in the process of industrial development, and plays a great role in promoting industrial supply chain, manufacturing service, ecological environment improvement, economic structure optimization, etc. Nanjing is a famous historical and cultural city and industrial city. The holding of the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference will introduce intelligent elements into urban development when the deviation between the platform center and the pier center reaches 2-3cm, which will definitely make the city smarter and the world better. No Over the past four years "

this forum was hosted by yuwenqin, vice president and Secretary General of Jiangsu sushang Development Promotion Association. He said:" manufacturing to 'intelligence' is the general trend. It is the strategic support point to promote the economic transformation and development of Jiangsu. Jiangsu urgently needs to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing on the basis of consolidating and improving the existing advantages of the manufacturing industry. "

intelligent manufacturing is becoming the latest and most beautiful business card of a city. At present, the development of cities based on manufacturing industry is becoming more and more powerful and dynamic. Some countries, including the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries, have formed a number of excellent manufacturing cities based on manufacturing industry

in China, Ningbo, the southern Jiangsu urban agglomeration, the West Bank Urban Agglomeration of the Pearl River, Shenyang, Ganzhou, Guangzhou... A number of excellent manufacturing cities have been selected as "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration cities. A few days ago, the general office of the State Council issued the notice on creating a "made in China 2025" national demonstration zone to further explore new paths and models for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

at the meeting, Jiang Yuejian, vice mayor of Nanjing, Bai Ruinan, vice president of the Royal Swedish Academy of engineering, and Wei Chijian, director of the information and space Department of the Department of high technology and information technology of the Ministry of science and technology, made wonderful keynote speeches. From abroad to home, from the central government to the local government, around the national strategic deployment, the construction of Intelligent Manufacturing in cities, the cohesion of strength and the establishment of brands are becoming an important symbol of the goal of becoming a manufacturing power, a strong province and a strong city

"smart manufacturing restructures the urban industrial system: concept, mode and path" Mayor round table dialogue session, Shenyang vice mayor zhangyongwei, Ganzhou municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and vice mayor Gao Feng, Suzhou municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and vice mayor Wu Qingwen, Yangzhou municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and executive vice mayor Chen Yang, Huai'an vice mayor Gu Kun, Wuxi Vice Mayor Wang Jinjian, Xuzhou vice mayor Xu Donghai, Lianyungang vice mayor Xu Jiabao, Changzhou Vice Mayor Liang Yibo, Yang Hailong, vice mayor of Nantong City, Sun Yi, vice mayor of Yancheng City, Zhang Xiaobing, vice mayor of Taizhou City, Cao Xiuming, vice mayor of Suqian City, Dong Guangli, Deputy Secretary General of Wuhan municipal government, Lu Lilin, Deputy Secretary General of Zhenjiang municipal government, Shu Xingnong, President of Bank of Nanjing, Fu Liquan, chairman of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhu Ruirong, President of Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. participated in the dialogue. From the perspective of government, enterprises and financial institutions, We will have a heated discussion on the current hot topic of smart city construction and jointly outline the "road map" of smart city

Shenyang: before promoting intelligent manufacturing, please "strengthen the base"

Shenyang and Nanjing are far apart in geographical distance, but they have many similarities, such as "manufacturing elements". The experience of Shenyang can be used as a reference for Nanjing in the transformation of manufacturing industry

zhangyongwei, vice mayor of Shenyang, said, "the important weakness of the current industry is that the equipment is weak. Many high-end equipment is imported, and domestic research and development capabilities are not available. However, purchasing from overseas can only achieve a generation of 'advanced', and cannot be upgraded iteratively. The advanced production line has become a scouring line every few years."

he believes that intelligent manufacturing is not a concept or show, but a threshold road. The first major premise is "strong foundation", that is, to improve the industrial foundation. Intelligent manufacturing is actually adding software capabilities to hardware. If hardware fails, software can't make up for it

secondly, interconnection. In the past, the control system of imported equipment bought by domestic enterprises was in the hands of foreigners, and there was a "black box" in the equipment. Now, Shenyang Machine Tool Plant and others are carrying out a new round of practice. They carry out R & D and transformation of the control system of the equipment based on the interconnection, and will no longer isolate the equipment in the closed system environment created by foreigners. In addition, equipment will form a large amount of data in operation. In the past, many equipment enterprises "couldn't understand" these data. Now, the Shenyang government supports equipment enterprises with policies to accumulate data and analyze data with artificial intelligence methods, so that big data can become the ability and core support of enterprise development

Suzhou: no matter how far you go, don't forget that the original intention is to "improve industrial competitiveness"

Suzhou is a "benchmark" city on the industrial map of Jiangsu. The view of this city often has the meaning of a weathervane

Wu Qingwen, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and vice mayor of Suzhou, said that in Suzhou's view, intelligent manufacturing is not simply about intelligent design, management, production, etc. to return to its origin, the core of intelligent manufacturing is to enhance industrial competitiveness. Therefore, Suzhou should create two advantages: technological advantages based on sustainable innovation ability; The international competitive advantage of constantly climbing to the middle and high end of the industrial chain and value chain. Only by taking such a path will it not violate the original intention of "made in China 2025"

he summed up the experience of Suzhou into four "points"

based on the "basic point": innovation. Intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from innovation. The Suzhou municipal government has invested more than 10 billion yuan to integrate and allocate global innovation resources. Suzhou and international and domestic universities and institutes have jointly created more than 1800 market entities combining industry, University and research

cultivate "fulcrum": that is, cultivate a number of intelligent manufacturing system integrators and solvers involving all walks of life. The Suzhou government "paid the bill" and asked these service providers to diagnose the enterprises. At present, 300 have been diagnosed

get through the "blocking point": on the one hand, increase the government's support, invest in technology to develop more new utilization fields for plastics, change subsidies and various incentives, and the key is to get through the financial blocking point. For example, let banks open "manufacturing loans" and other products, and enterprises can only carry out intelligent upgrading with funds

highlight "highlights": play a leading and exemplary role, such as building a number of Innovation Alliances, industrial big data platforms, integrated development centers, collaborative innovation centers, and selecting a number of demonstration enterprises and intelligent workshops

Wuxi: use government public procurement to promote the first set of research and development

Wuxi is the birthplace of China's national industry and Commerce and township enterprises, and the developed manufacturing industry is the city's "characteristic label". Wang Jinjian, vice mayor of Wuxi, said that Wuxi has a solid industrial foundation and a large number of enterprises, so it is also facing the task of intelligent transformation with a huge workload. However, Wuxi also has its own advantages in this regard - it has a relatively perfect IOT industrial system, which can push the improvement of intelligence

he revealed that there are four Implementation Paths of Intelligent Manufacturing in Wuxi. Like other cities, intellectualization is first and foremost inseparable from policy guidance. Wuxi has issued the "intelligent manufacturing action plan", and the municipal finance allocates 160million yuan each year to promote the intelligent transformation of enterprises. For example, if the investment in intelligent transformation exceeds 30million yuan, 8% of the equipment investment will be rewarded; if the software transformation and upgrading is used, 10% of the software investment will be rewarded

in addition, it is a demonstration and guidance to build a number of intelligent factories and enterprises integrating industrialization and industrialization. Wuxi has 53 provincial-level intelligent factories and 4 national pilot enterprises for the integration of industrialization and industrialization. This year, 270 key renovation projects were launched, with a total investment of 28billion yuan

Wuxi's distinctive approach is to strengthen equipment research and development. At present, intelligent manufacturing has two development directions: one is to build intelligent factories, and the other is to improve the level of intelligent equipment. Through the mode of government public procurement guidance, the products of 67 enterprises in Wuxi have been listed in the first set of major key equipment in Jiangsu, and 53 new technologies and products have been listed in the provincial catalogue. In this way, equipment water will also pay attention to environmental protection and enter a new level in machining equipment

to create an intelligent ecosystem, that is, to solve the difficult problems affecting the development of intelligent manufacturing, the focus is to introduce and cultivate service providers, technology platforms and talents of system solutions. At present, Wuxi has established intelligent manufacturing and robotics majors with 6 universities

Changzhou: before you go, don't forget to clarify the standards


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