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According to Cincinnati, Ohio, a new product of Michelman, colorcoat, is a water-based pulp coating product that can be used for corrugated paper packaging. Colorcoat is rich in color, and it can be replaced in time with PMS code color matching treatment. At the same time, it also has metal color effect products

according to Ms. Nancy weaver, head of the color business department of Michael Mun, who told specialchem that as a service provider in the global packaging industry, Michael Mun often receives orders for packaging products from different countries and regions around the world, and 98% of the packaging paint colors are specially designed by customers and require colored and water-resistant products to be delivered within 24 hours, Therefore, our newly developed colorcoat coating is to meet the medium-term needs of customers, ensure that customer requirements are met within 24 hours, and reduce customer losses. No matter whether the order volume is large or small, we can ensure that we can quickly show the effect of customers' needs, and deliver goods within 24 hours. In addition, another highlight of colorcoat comes from the ultra-high-precision color matching process, which does not need to make products into small samples to compare with the same products. The color matching processing of mccorman PMS code will quickly and easily meet the needs of customers

Founded in 1949, mccormann is a world pioneer in water-based coatings and emulsification technology. We are committed to the research and development, quality control and technical services of high-performance additives, high-performance paper coatings and other products. Especially with high-quality emulsified wax, special dispersion and micro powder wax, which will cause errors and solvent based additives are widely used in building materials, coatings for tank materials and steel coils, adhesives and lubricants for glass fibers, flexible films, floor varnishes, inks and marking coatings, paints, coatings, varnishes, synthetic and natural rubber, textiles and leather products. In addition, according to your formula, you can produce suitable lotion and dispersions depending on the mining conditions

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