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Xuzhou Fangte Park starts! Hanfeng G7 environmental protection muck truck helps the construction of the park

Xuzhou Fangte Park starts! Hanfeng G7 environmental protection muck truck helps the construction of the park

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on May 18, in the roaring sound of salute, Xuzhou Fangte park officially laid the foundation and started construction. Fangte Park project is located in Mengzhuang village, Zhangji Town, Tongshan District, Xuzhou City, on the north side of national highway 104 and the southwest side of Yulong Lake (Yangwa reservoir). The park covers an area of about 401 mu. The way: the total investment of replacing the friction ring is 4billion yuan. It will build a classic amusement facility integrating the essence of Fangte park

at the grand foundation laying site, 8 Hanfeng G7 environmental protection muck trucks lined up in turn, shining under the blue sky, becoming the most eye-catching scenery at the commencement ceremony. Hanfeng G7 environmental protection muck truck won the favor of the market because of its excellent product strength and considerate after-sales service, and was able to participate in this important foundation laying ceremony to contribute to XCMG's urban construction

comfortable driving, reliable and durable

Hanfeng G7 8x4 lightweight environmental protection muck truck adopts XCMG's new Hanfeng G7 cab, setting a new benchmark for the industry in terms of safety and comfort. In terms of safety, the cage structure cab is adopted, the maximum steel plate thickness is up to 4mm, and the whole process of automatic production ensures the quality. In terms of comfort, the cab adopts advanced sound and heat insulation technology, which makes it more quiet. It matches the advanced ergonomic design concept to make driving more comfortable

in terms of power, the golden power assembly composed of Weichai, fast and hande is adopted. It has strong power, is reliable and durable, and has low maintenance cost. It is a recognized classic power chain in the field of engineering vehicles

outstanding innovation and transformation performance

XCMG heavy truck has made a number of innovations and improvements, such as lightweight, on the old dump truck engaged in muck transportation, and launched nearly 60 chassis for the market segment to meet the different muck truck business needs from 245 HP to 430 HP, from 5.2 m container to 8.8 M container. In terms of product trafficability, interference free, sprinkler tank and low center of gravity, the company continues to make a variety of adaptations to the models as a shareholder to improve product quality and adaptability to working conditions. The carriage and subframe were redesigned with low center of gravity to cope with the short haul distance and high lifting frequency of the muck truck, which greatly improved the lifting stability. PVC tarpaulin electric sealing top cover system, panoramic HD video system and right blind area radar help customers cope with the complex working conditions of cities and construction sites more calmly

the prettiest kid in the audience ~

the excavator brother next door ~

caring after-sales service and worry free all the way

XCMG heavy truck adheres to customer orientation and customer satisfaction as the highest pursuit while continuously increasing product R & D and manufacturing. At present, XCMG heavy truck has 1200 contracted service stations nationwide, and has basically established the national 24-hour service capacity. XCMG heavy truck has been adhering to the service concept of "I care and you can rest assured", and is always ready to solve various problems for customers to ensure the continuous operation of customers' business

in view of the particularity of muck customers, XCMG heavy truck has taken the lead in launching the full life cycle after-sales service trusteeship mode of "you use the car, I keep the car". Through the designated after-sales service unit of XCMG, it is ready to provide service at any time, innovatively changing the passenger spring amplitude: 0 (5) 0mm; Based on the long-term concept of using cars, customers regularly carry out all-round maintenance on their vehicles, and make service guarantee commitments to customers in terms of service response speed, service time limit, one-to-one service, etc. - all efforts are to ensure customers' high attendance and become a loyal and reliable "all-weather" partner of customers

nowadays, more and more Hanfeng G7 environmental protection muck trucks are invested in economic construction all over the country. They are pragmatic, efficient and reliable, and have become effective partners in the field of "new infrastructure". It is believed that with the help of XCMG Hanfeng G7 environmental protection muck trucks, the construction of Xuzhou Fangte park will be more efficient

green waters and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains. XCMG heavy truck will continue to add weight to the product core technology research and development, stop the machine immediately after the sample is broken, and improve the product series, so as to provide more high-quality products for the residue removal and transportation industry, and lead the industry to a new level with safe, environmental friendly and intelligent residue removal and transportation products. In the future, Hanfeng G7 environmental protection muck truck will continue to contribute to the national economic construction of XCMG, and create an excellent domestic muck removal product line with perfect performance and strong strength

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