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Xunyang city issued an "invitation" to citizens for green travel. Release date: Source: Xunyang evening news at present, Xunyang city is in the crucial stage of air pollution prevention and control in autumn and winter. With the popularity of private cars, motor vehicle exhaust has become one of the primary sources of air pollution. In order to promote the establishment of a national civilized city and a national health city, and strive to win the blue sky defense test standard war and the air pollution prevention and control battle, Xunyang city recently launched a road inspection of motor vehicle exhaust and issued an "invitation" to citizens for green travel

to prevent and control vehicle exhaust pollution, the first thing is to strictly control "detection". In order to strengthen the control of vehicles with excessive exhaust emissions, PVC accounted for 13%. Last Thursday, Chaisang Ecological Environment Bureau, in conjunction with the District Traffic Police Brigade, carried out a law enforcement action of good rust prevention on motor vehicle exhaust emission roads in the urban area, and conducted road sampling inspection on motor vehicle exhaust emissions. The action adopted the mode of "public security punishment and environmental protection evidence collection". The special action team set up a spot near the new Red Cross Hospital on Jiangzhou Avenue. The District Traffic Police Brigade randomly checked the diesel vehicles passing through this section. The law enforcement personnel of the municipal ecological environment bureau used the exhaust gas detection equipment to detect the exhaust emission of the vehicles. For the motor vehicles whose exhaust emissions exceed the standard, the ecological environment department shall order them to rectify within a time limit, and the district traffic police brigade shall punish them on the spot. In this special action, it was found that the exhaust emissions of three diesel vehicles exceeded the standard, and the district traffic police brigade was punished. The staff of the ecological environment bureau also conducted publicity and education on air pollution

for the general public, in the strict prevention of motor vehicle exhaust pollution, they should start from themselves, practice, achieve a low-carbon life, green travel, and reasonably adjust the traffic structure, so that motor vehicle exhaust emissions are reduced a little, and there are more blue skies and white clouds. "It is suggested that cadres and workers should not drive private cars to and from work on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month." Recently, in order to actively guide the cadres and workers to take the lead in green and low-carbon travel and set an example, the office of Xunyang district ecological environment protection committee and the office of Xunyang district leading group for energy conservation of public institutions jointly issued a green travel proposal. By means of paper distribution, publishing on Xunyang, financial media platforms, official account, electronic screens, display boards, and sending SMS messages, the culture and awareness of green travel are widely publicized. It is advocated that cadres and employees in the region should drive fewer private cars when they travel on official or personal business, and give priority to green travel modes such as urban buses, bicycles, and walking, so as to alleviate urban traffic congestion and reduce air pollution from the source. At the same time, it is hoped that the majority of cadres and workers will actively guide their families, relatives and friends to enhance the life concept and social awareness of green travel, and drive the people around them to consciously participate in and jointly create a good environment for green travel. This requires that the testing experiment in the production plant should be carried out in a good atmosphere at the same time as the production

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