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Every time I see someone's beautiful home, I'm very excited?! Carefully plan the space and reasonably layout the functions. For example, in summer, there should be such a Nordic Stylist: sunshine, bright, warm, and the whole space bursts out a thick little fresh breath ~

every time I see someone else's beautiful home, I'm very excited

carefully plan the space,

reasonably layout the functions,

for example, in summer, there should be such a Nordic Stylist:

sunshine, bright and warm,

the whole space erupts a strong little fresh breath ~

Nordic style is a life attitude that advocates simplicity and nature,

strives to return to nature

Nordic design pays more attention to simple, practical and simple layout,

color matching that does not stick to one style

simple and energetic

how to arrange it to fill it with Nordic style

as one of the top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe,

bangyuan famous craftsman has its own strong designer team.

let's take a look at the real artist designed by bangyuan famous craftsman and senior designer

house type

living room

▲ a large window brings sufficient light to the whole living room. Simple lines and solid wood customized furniture perfectly form a fresh and natural space

▲ the storage cabinet space on the right feels clean and bright, and there is no sense of clutter


▲ enjoy all the wonderful feelings brought by delicious food. The wall hanging and table accessories on the wall jump out of the simple dark blue tone, making the restaurant space instantly vibrant


▲ how many literati yearn for a big bookcase! The bookcase, desk and chair look very comfortable and natural, and there is also a floating window balcony. I really want to sit on the floating window and enjoy tea while reading


▲ the wood colored cabinets are matched with light gray cement textured wall tiles and floor tiles, which are elegant, generous and tidy


▲ the bedroom is as comfortable as ever. The wood customized furniture in the whole room shows temperament, mixed with corners, and the overall wardrobe adds a touch of beautiful scenery

guest room

▲ being in a small home is like incarnating an elf in the forest. The hustle and bustle of the world is shut out, and this side of the world gives the soul the best rest


▲ the toilet is very practical, the whole space is clean and tidy, and the distribution of shower area, toilet and wash basin is reasonable

in the design of this case,

this 124 square meter Nordic style three bedroom,

simple, fashionable, natural and fresh,

is very in line with the aesthetics of modern young people

let's take a look at the home designed by the famous craftsman bangyuan:




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