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Living in a highly changing era, the post-90s generation has witnessed the fastest development and change in China in the past 20 years, and has formed its unique characteristics under the influence of western ideological trends. It can be predicted that with the increasingly vigorous personality needs of the post-90s, they will be the main consumer force in the customized furniture industry in the next 10 years. Therefore, at present, the sooner someone can grasp their hearts, the sooner they can seize the opportunity and plant a seed in their hearts. To cater to emerging consumer groups, the top ten brands of customized wardrobe in China can show several tricks. How many tricks can Deville, the overall wardrobe brand, show

the personality of the post-90s is prominent, and customization enterprises can strengthen product research and development and original design.

the personality of the post-90s is publicized, and they are not willing to be ordinary. They usually want a lot of novel ideas, and are willing to show their uniqueness to the world. For them, consumption is no longer a simple material demand, but a manifestation of their sense of self-existence. In the post-90s consumption system, personalized demand accounts for a very large proportion. Based on this demand, customization enterprises should strengthen the design of original products and the research and development of personalized functional products, and create their own brand's core competitive products

with the help of the Internet, complete the overall layout of online and offline channels

the post-90s have completely experienced the rise and development of the Internet, and are a generation completely immersed in the Internet. As an Internet "Aboriginal", the post-90s are more accustomed to searching and selecting customized products through online channels. Therefore, despite the difficulties in the layout of online channels in the home furnishing industry, we should actively embrace the Internet, establish a perfect online and offline retail closed loop, and build a brand moat. To this end, the customized furniture brand Deville proposed the industry's first "bag check-in" model, redefining o2o whole house customized e-commerce. Create an ideal customized home decoration service system for home space, furniture collocation, decoration style and home decoration cost in an all-round way; Break the limitations of traditional stores subject to time and space, and operate users in advance. Through the application of the latest technology and the powerful online drainage system of the Internet, we can truly open up the o2o channel and solve the problems of online experience

create quality with ingenuity and improve service with care

the post-90s generation is a generation spoiled by their parents. From the moment of birth, their parents have done their best to give them * well, it can be said that they are the "spoiled" generation, "stall", "miscellaneous brand" and other products can be said to be their most annoying and disdainful things. They are used to high-quality life and use high-quality products. So in the consumption of products, they are never stingy to pay for quality and service. Relevant survey results show that the average decoration budget of the new generation of consumer groups is higher, and post-90s consumers will be more willing to pay for a better life experience and quality of life. The business model of simply relying on low prices to attract consumers has been unable to gain a foothold in the post-90s market, which has become the mainstream of consumption. From this perspective, in order to win the hearts of post-90s consumers, customization enterprises need to cultivate their internal skills and improve the quality of products and services

the essence of being customer-centric is to appeal to their preferences. In order to obtain the trust and affection of consumers, we need to cater to them through a variety of means and ways. Whether it is products, services, or their favorite Internet, to attract their attention and pay for your products, we must let them know the value of your products and how to solve their pain points

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