2-room transformer 3-room 90000 decoration Dingshe

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This case is a post-80s netizen of dingshenghuacheng who posted on the decoration Forum. The whole decoration style is romantic Mediterranean style. The house type is to turn the original 2 rooms into small 3 rooms, and the overall cost is 90000. Let's have a look! Decoration list attached

decoration owner's file:

decoration owner: post-80s little couple community: Dingsheng Huacheng Decoration Company: confidential [participate in decoration bidding] decoration style: Mediterranean style decoration area: 72 square meters decoration cost: 90000 decoration house type: before the transformation (2 rooms and 1 living room, 3 rooms and 1 living room after the transformation)

plane effect drawing before the decoration of the owner's home (Figure)

living room decoration effect drawing, The whole design is a Mediterranean style (Figure)

the decoration company chose it in the "decoration bidding". Now the decoration results are really good

sofa and coffee table in the living room (Figure)

sofa was bought in a group purchase, but only used more than 3000





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