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Now, China's home furnishing stores are all facing the question of the loss of customers, and the door and window agency companies that rely on the traditional rental store operation mode are also facing a great crisis. Therefore, the door and window agency company is full of tricks to save itself, but in order to deal with the dilemma, it is the survival emotion of the door and enterprise company to actively respond

differentiated operation of home shopping malls

in recent years, domestic home shopping malls have not been very good. On the one hand, real estate malls have been regulated, and there are fewer customers selling furniture, which directly affects the sales of shopping malls. On the other hand, the e-commerce approach of rising stars is threatening. "We have made inquiries. Many domestic stores have opened e-commerce channels, and some sell better than offline." An insider said that under the two-tier attack, the traditional home shopping malls had to face the question of transformation. "The homogenization competition of traditional home shopping malls is too serious. To seize the mall, differentiated operation is very important."

establish a skill innovation system

facing the differences between the door and window agency companies in planning, facing questions and market advantages, developing skill innovation requires both sophisticated experience and standardized guidance, as well as starting from their own needs

on the road of innovation, the door and window agency company should first establish a skill innovation mechanism used to the market economic system, gather the company's information, technology, planning, discussion, etc., establish a skill development base, and complete the reasonable equipment of capital; Together, pay attention to the marketing of shopping malls, timely understand the information of shopping malls and user needs, and complete the useful connection between skill innovation and shopping malls

facing the active response of shopping malls

"shopping malls are constantly changing, and companies should also continue to grow." An industry insider believes that although the door and window agency company has not reached the point of life and death, what it needs to do is not just a small "promotion", but also a fundamental examination of whether the company's positioning meets the changing needs of the mall, and walks out of the way of personalization and improving customer loyalty. Moreover, the real store experience of doors and windows is still very important, which is unmatched by e-commerce. The door and window agency company should pay attention to the real store experience and create more value for consumers. For example, after-sales service and membership service are also unparalleled advantages of e-commerce channels. The transformation of door and window agency companies should make more efforts on customers, and use service advantages, membership guidelines, membership activities to create value for customers, so as to improve customer stickiness

conclusion: the profession of doors and windows is changing. If the company wants to protect itself, it should learn to act according to its circumstances and actively adjust its development strategy. Only in this way can the door and window profession meet more challenges and enjoy more tests on the road of development




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