Your frog doesn't like to go home. There are wonde

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Home is always your warmest haven

has your circle of friends been swiped by a frog recently

he eats, reads and keeps a diary in his small room every day

when the time comes, I will carry my backpack and travel

in a short time, I went home in one day

for a long time, I don't go home for several days,,

such a Buddhist life, everything goes with fate

many frog parents began to worry about this

"where did my frog go today?"

"why doesn't my frog son go home?"

"quack's mother is worried! Where the hell has he gone?"

"son smash, snails have come to my house eight times, why haven't you come home!"


the circle of friends is full of frogs, which is really heartbreaking

why doesn't your frog son always go home

here is the answer in Haomai wooden door

when Xiaobian looked at frog's son's room, he couldn't help but leave tears of sympathy. Such a home is not warm at all! There are illegal and unsafe decoration everywhere. No wonder frog doesn't like to go home

therefore, if you want to keep children's hearts, build them a home full of love and warmth

bedroom design

recommended reason: healthy and comfortable, leading natural fashion

product model: ys-303d

tips: anytime, anywhere, no longer yearning for poetry and distance. Haomai wooden door brings natural fashion into home design, so that children can feel the fragrance of nature at home and enjoy a healthy and comfortable living environment

study design

reason for recommendation: leave alone in your spare time

product model: yh-4010

tips: high quality material selection, environmental protection technology, heroic to carefully create a warm and quiet learning atmosphere for children. I believe that your "frog" will work harder and feel more happy in such an environment

hall design

reason for recommendation: waiting, interpreting the warmest place in life

product model: uk4001

tips: a warm waiting, a door that is open for you at any time. Life is just like this. When you want to give up and life is difficult, there is still a door waiting for you in place. And this is the warmest place in life

living room design

recommended reason: record the good years of life

product model: jgc-002

tips: at the end of the day's work and study, parents and children need such a warm living room, a accompanying wooden door, a family sitting around, chatting about life chores, and enjoying a good home time

in addition, Haomai wooden door launched a new product - silent door series. Close the door and enjoy a peaceful and happy life inside the door. To protect the little beauty of my family and the "little frogs", my "door" is more attentive. Where you didn't expect, the heroic wooden door is built for you. Don't worry about the "little frogs" not going home anymore

at the same time, "traveling frog" affects many people's hearts, "raising frogs" know their parents' kindness. Children, be considerate of their parents' wordless love and often go home to have a look. Spring Festival is coming, no matter where you are, home will always be your warmest haven




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