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During the golden season of October sales, Yihong will support more partners to seize effective market opportunities and win more sales and revenue. Yihong enterprises will fully support national partners with an unprecedented service lineup

Shenyang Yihong enterprise, whose full name is Shenyang Yihong Kitchen Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was established in February 2003. It is a large-scale professional solid wood cabinet door panel manufacturing enterprise integrating research and development, production and marketing of solid wood cabinet door panels. Yihong enterprise has been committed to the manufacturing of solid wood cabinet door products for 12 years, and has supplied high-quality solid wood cabinet door products for many well-known cabinet brands in China, such as Haier, gold medal, europay, Wule, haozhaotou, etc. Yihong's newly built digital factory has brought a smooth experience of rapid and accurate product manufacturing to nearly 10000 partners, and has become an important partner in the strategic development of many first-line brands. During the golden season of October sales, how to support more partners to seize the effective market opportunity and win more sales and revenue under the cabinet market situation with a slightly depressed environment? In the golden season of solid wood cabinet sales, Yihong enterprises will fully support national partners with an unprecedented service lineup

convenience - improve the experience of product selection

convenience is the starting point of efficiency. Only a convenient way of product selection is a good start of high-quality and efficient service. According to the characteristics and selection habits of solid wood products, Yihong enterprises display solid wood products on the official website in the form of menus. Partners can choose the door type products they need through the product pictures displayed on the official website and through any combination of door type, color and material. As with the menu, the color, shape and various wood textures of solid wood door panels are clearly displayed, so that partners can choose solid wood products at a glance, It is not only intuitive and clear, but also convenient for pre-sales product consultation and selection, which brings real convenience to partners

accessory products such as Roman column, eyebrow line, process cabinet, skirting board, smoke hood, etc. have systematic product specifications and models, and physical pictures are displayed online, so that terminal store designers can choose door types and accessories at will through the official website, which is intuitive and three-dimensional, and has complete product data support. Each accessory product has conventional dimensions, With the most standardized accessory product system, we provide our partners with accessory product data services, so that designers don't have to worry about the subsequent production time and cost. With a standardized and systematic product system, we can bring our partners a real menu experience of product selection. Terminal store designers can have more energy to meet the design needs of consumers, rather than tangle with products and accessories themselves, which greatly improves the image of the store in the hearts of consumers and provides necessary preparations for successful order negotiation. The convenient menu style personalized product selection method provides a convenient product selection experience for Yihong's partners. In the peak sales season of the National Day golden week, Yihong's convenient product selection provides fast and effective pre-sales support for partner terminal store sales and promotes the negotiation of store terminal orders

economy - cost-effective products

excellent products, reasonable prices, and the most high-quality cost-effective products bring stable profit space to partners. Cost-effective products promote partners to better attract the attention of consumers. In order to manufacture solid wood cabinet products with excellent quality, Yihong enterprises introduce high-quality imported wood and imported water-based paint, and use internationally advanced CNC production lines to complete the manufacturing and production of each solid wood product. Through batch production and batch raw material procurement, the overall cost performance of solid wood products is improved, so that partners can purchase high-end solid wood cabinet products at a more people-friendly price, For partners to occupy an advantage in the end market competition. We are extremely exquisite in materials and strict in quality, only to create high-quality and cost-effective solid wood cabinet products, so that they can really impress consumers. Through the large-scale industrialized production mode and the improvement and breakthrough of production processes and procedures, the process quality of Yihong enterprise has been significantly improved. At the same time, due to the use of modern CNC production lines for the production of solid wood products, perfect details can be achieved and the perfect paint effect of solid wood products can not only meet the pursuit of consumers for good products, but also improve the overall grade and effect of the store, It can not only lay a good foundation for the price negotiation process, but also increase consumers' trust in the store or brand, promote secondary purchases and introduce new customers to customers, and increase the sales volume of store orders

fast - unblock channels, quickly place

each order can be delivered in the shortest time. The core of Yihong's stable production cycle is that the enterprise realizes the sharing of product data with the production data of manufacturing terminals through the database, so that Yihong's large-scale industrialized production mode has a flexible brain, and the product order can be automatically parsed into the processing data of each production equipment according to the production order of the system, At the same time when the order is placed, the data package is generated synchronously, so as to realize the seamless connection between the order and the production center, which greatly improves the actual production efficiency of Yihong. At the same time, in terms of equipment utilization, E-Hong uses big data to retrieve the best production parameters of each equipment and automatically set them. At the same time, the orders in the order system are scheduled in the best way on a daily basis, so that all orders enter the production line in the most reasonable order, and there are strict quality and man hour requirements for each processing process, so as to improve the utilization of each equipment and give full play to the production energy of the equipment, So as to realize the precise control of the whole order production cycle. This is the hardware foundation for the development of Yihong from large-scale industrialized production to industrialization in the era of big data. It is also an important guarantee for Yihong to achieve a rapid and stable production cycle in the whole industry. With strong manufacturing strength, it has become a strong backing for partners to fight the market

accuracy - big data support, accuracy

risks exist in every market transaction behavior. How to control risks to obtain stable profits is an important link in the operation of cabinet brands. The order data is human error, which leads to unnecessary additional costs. The multi link communication of the order leads to the increase of time cost. Yihong takes full account of the operating cost of the cabinet brand in many links, adopts the ERP system to process the order data, and carries the huge database of Yihong with the ERP system to realize the automatic production of the production data package of each process for each order data. At the moment of order confirmation, The system automatically parses and generates data packets, directly sends production orders to each workshop, timely and effectively ensures the accuracy of production data, and avoids the time cost of communication between various links, so as to achieve accurate order orders and rapid production. With efficient and error free systematic services, we are highly responsible for every order of our cooperative customers, and effectively apply professional and strict professional ethics and scientific order management system to order services. Through accurate order services, we can effectively minimize the risk of wrong orders for our partners, avoid the risk of wrong orders, firmly lock in profits, and deliver perfectly. Yihong has laid the foundation for long-term and stable cooperation with its national partners with accurate services

stable - less after-sales problems, stable profits

stable profits need precise cost control. Effectively controlling the occurrence of after-sales problems is the basis for stabilizing profits. In the solid wood cabinet industry, due to the long sales cycle of each order, it is inevitable that there will be uncertainties in the order process, resulting in the evaporation and loss of reasonable profits. In consideration of this need of partners, Yihong enterprises control the cost of the whole service process of Yihong products, including product cost, time cost, after-sales cost, and communication cost. Yihong cooperates with large foreign professional wood manufacturing enterprises such as American wood industry and German wood industry to strictly control the wood species and quality of raw materials, and orders wood directly in the origin of wood by means of annual large-scale centralized procurement, which not only ensures the quality of raw materials, but also controls the cost of raw materials, provides partners with solid wood cabinet products with better quality, and improves the stability of products from the source, Effectively control cracking, deformation and other after-sales problems caused by raw materials. At the same time, Yihong also attaches great importance to the effectiveness of cooperation. Yihong knows the importance of time for the market competition of terminal solid wood cabinets, and is committed to communicating and confirming customer needs in the shortest time, and has detailed product information displayed on the official website, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings caused by different understandings between consumers and terminal stores, improve the efficiency of communication, and establish a virtuous cycle system of product consultation and ordering, Avoid the occurrence of after-sales problems. Due to the strict control of product raw materials and processing technology, it also greatly reduces the after-sales probability of orders. The smooth and rapid order placement has reduced the cost of cooperation, effectively stabilized the expected profits of partners, and enabled partners across the country to experience the sincerity and strength of Yihong in cooperation, thus making their solid wood cabinet business prosper

at the arrival of this golden sales season, the general manager of Yihong enterprise and all employees solemnly promise to the national partners: Yihong will create an unprecedented strong service lineup and provide real and effective professional services with the most convenient product selection method, the most cost-effective solid wood products, the fastest and unimpeded order distribution channel, the most accurate big data support, the most stable profit guarantee, Support national partners to win more trust and wealth in this year's golden week




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