Although the decoration effect in autumn is good,

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1、 Seal the oil in time to prevent the wood from drying and cracking

many consumers usually put the wood in a ventilated place to dry the water due to the high water content in the air during the decoration in summer, but try to avoid this practice in autumn decoration, because the climate in autumn is dry, when the wood is placed in a ventilated place to dry, the water in the wood will be lost quickly, and the surface will dry and crack, resulting in small cracks. Therefore, for high-end decorative panel beech and wood line used as trimming, oil sealing treatment should be done to lock the moisture in the wood without loss. After the wood is processed, the surface should also be sealed with oil as soon as possible. If the moisture in the wood line is lost, the wood line will shrink, which may also affect the appearance of the decorative panel

second, it is taboo to dry the paint to cause water loss

in autumn, the treatment of the wall surface is also very different from that in summer. Now the walls of family decoration are mostly painted. In summer, because the air is humid, doors and windows are opened for ventilation in order to make the wall dry as soon as possible. The climate in autumn is dry. If doors and windows are opened at this time and the newly painted wall is naturally dried, the paint or wallpaper will shrink and deform due to rapid water loss. Therefore, it is best to let the wall dry naturally in the shade, and only a small amount of wind is left indoors for air circulation during the drying process. If the weather is very dry, then in the process of laying kitchen and bathroom wall tiles, a procedure of watering and humidifying the wall should also be added, so as to reduce the occurrence of hollowing of tiles

III. floor shrinkage and wall cracking need not be urgent.

in autumn, wood floor shrinkage and wall cracking are normal phenomena in the season transition. Because of the high air humidity in summer, the water contained in walls, floors and wooden furniture is relatively large. The air in autumn is relatively dry, and the water in walls, floors and wooden furniture is easy to lose. Because the cracking of the wall at this time is caused by the gradual volatilization of water. At this time, after the repair, the water is still volatilizing, so it is still possible to crack again. Therefore, when repairing in autumn, we should pay attention not to worry. We should wait until the next spring, after the obvious changes in the temperature difference between cold and warm seasons, the problems of dryness, cracking and deformation no longer develop, and then let the decoration company repair it at one time. The effect is good

fourth, don't ignore the air quality when checking in in autumn

generally, people often feel that there is not much decoration smell in the room after decoration in autumn, and they will be eager to check in. In fact, this is an illusion caused by low temperature, so we must be vigilant. Rooms decorated in autumn usually have obvious air quality rebound after heating in winter or in summer, and even cause indoor air pollution and endanger human health. Therefore, it is suggested that even if there is no smell in the room, you should wait at least half a month to one month before moving in. During this period, windows can be opened properly for ventilation, and the best time is in the morning and evening, because at noon, the air humidity is relatively small and dry, which is easy to cause cracking of wood, wall paint, etc





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