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Hunan group was awarded the advanced unit of cultural system reform

the national commendation Conference for cultural system reform was held at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing on the afternoon of September 26. Before the meeting, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the state and chairman of the Central Military Commission, cordially met with all the participants, expressed warm congratulations to the commended advanced regions, units and individuals in the national cultural system reform, and expressed sincere greetings to the vast number of cultural workers across the country

Hunan newspaper group thoroughly implements the scientific concept of development, conscientiously implements the central decision-making and deployment, and brings the cultural system reform into the group's overall development plan; The group is determined to forge ahead, develop and innovate, and constantly expand its overall scale and strength. From the comparison of the needs of traditional industries and high-tech industries, cultural undertakings and cultural industries have achieved leapfrog development. It was rated as an advanced unit in the reform of the national cultural system

the advanced units commended in Hunan Province also include nine units such as Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and radio and television media Co., Ltd. to ensure that the relative humidity of the air is low

four people, including Qin Xiaoguang, Secretary of the Hunan Party group and President, were awarded advanced individuals

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