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Application and suggestions of BOPP hot filling bottling (Part 2)

4 the influence of aseptic cold and hot filling technology has a wide variety of beverages. For the plastic bottle filling of some sensitive beverages (such as tea, fruit and vegetable juice, sports drinks and health drinks), there are two safe processes from the perspective of microorganisms, namely, heating filling and aseptic cold filling. Hot filling is the main method in China, and aseptic cold filling technology has developed rapidly in recent years. The products, bottling containers and bottle caps in aseptic cold filling are sterilized separately and filled under aseptic conditions. No preservatives or heat treatment is added during or after the production process. In hot filling, the product, bottle container and bottle cap need to be heated to achieve the effect of sterilization

aseptic cold filling technology has more strict control over the production process, but the technical requirements for bottles are lower. It can use ordinary p to launch more et bottles in the civil market, but it needs online filling. The investment of sterile cold filling line is 4 times that of ordinary hot filling line. With the online pet bottle production equipment, the one-time investment is huge, but the return is also quite high. The most expensive part of hot filling is the special bottle for hot filling. Hans Schindler compared the sterile cold filling system with the hot filling system [4]. The research results showed that under the existing production conditions, the total cost of single bottle filling produced by the sterile cold filling process was 0.0871 euros, while the hot filling reached 0.1040 euros. Therefore, if all factors are considered, the cost of hot filling is 20% higher than that of aseptic cold filling of poly cheese bottles. In addition, the use of sterile cold filling line can also develop more beverage varieties, improve product quality, improve production capacity, and further enhance the competitiveness of beverage enterprises

in China, in the past two years, aseptic cold filling technology has become a profitable tool for listed companies such as Zhongfu and Zijiang; At present, some professional bottle manufacturers and PET bottle equipment suppliers are targeting other markets of plastic bottles, such as beer packaging. In view of the rapid replacement of beverage production technology, some people believe that 2002 and 2003 are the golden years of domestic hot filling and bottling. Since 2004, it should be regarded as entering the post hot filling and bottling era. It is also believed that the hot filling process is a transitional technology, which will eventually be replaced by the sterile cold filling process. If the experimental concentricity is guaranteed, the sterile cold filling process is rapidly rolled out in the beverage industry, not only the hot filling bottle will lose its market, but also the production mode of packaging bottles will change dramatically

but in fact, for most enterprises that have no money to invest or temporarily unconditionally invest in sterile cold filling lines and must use hot filling technology, they must choose packaging materials again, and BOPP bottles are expected to become a substitute for hot filling. In a sense, aseptic cold filling technology is a double-edged sword, which not only promotes the upgrading of beverage production technology, but also accelerates the alternative application of BOPP bottles in the hot filling line

5 new business model: Valet filling

at present, there are two modes of plastic bottle production, one is a professional bottle factory, and the other is a bottle user's own bottle making workshop. Most domestic mineral water enterprises produce PET bottles by themselves, while most tea beverage and fruit juice beverage enterprises choose to purchase hot filling bottles. As the hygiene requirements for bottle production are very strict, large infusion production enterprises generally choose to build their own bottle making workshops. In recent years, there has been a valet filling mode in the field of beverage packaging. The valet filling business has become a new profit growth point for packaging manufacturing enterprises such as Zhuhai Zhongfu and Shanghai Zijiang

Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. has successively established Futian food company in Zhongshan, Zhengzhou, Kunming and Xi'an by means of joint venture and holding shares, which operates the business of filling fruit and vegetable juice, tea and other beverages on behalf of customers. It also provides product packaging services for Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Jianlibao, Kangshifu, Tongyi and other domestic and foreign beverage brands for a long time, and not only occupies more than 50% of the market share of Coca Cola and Pepsi bottles, Moreover, it also accounts for nearly 40% of the domestic PET bottle market share, which makes the company's performance continue to maintain high-speed growth

Valet filling has been quite common in many industries. It is believed that this mature business model will become more and more common in China's beverage industry in the future. Those who do the filling business on behalf of customers may be professional packaging products manufacturers, professional beverage manufacturers, and even some filling equipment manufacturers

6 special materials need supporting development

the raw material for BOPP hot filling and bottling is high transparent polypropylene special materials

at present, high transparency polypropylene is obtained mainly through the following three ways: 1. Adding transparent agent (acting as nucleating agent) to polypropylene resin; 2. Using Z-N catalyst to produce random copolymerized polypropylene with excellent transparency; 3. Using metallocene catalyst to produce high transparency polypropylene. Among them, the method of adding transparent agent is the most active and commonly used effective method to make polypropylene high-performance and high transparency

the representative manufacturers of transparent polypropylene abroad are rexce company (pp23m10cs259 copolymer), Phi itips66 company (marlexrlx-020, bp546), Eastman company (tenetep5l2k-025, p5m6k-023), fina company (7635m, 7835m), soltex company (Fort lene4111), amocopolymer company (acclear Series), South Korea Xiaoxing company (r301, R401), Dalin company (344R, 800e), SK company (r370y), etc

the main manufacturers of nucleating agent modified polypropylene special materials in China are: Resin Application Research Institute of Yanshan Petrochemical Company (k4818, k4808), Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (M250E, it is appropriate to adopt low-temperature crushing equipment m450e, m800e, m1200e, m3000e and m250t), Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (ppt800 and ppt2000), Tianjin Petrochemical Ethylene Plant (tjtm-8020), Taiwan Fuju Co., Ltd. (production of transparent polypropylene st611m for bottles), etc. In addition, the petrochemical plant of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, Luoyang Petrochemical plant, Guangzhou petrochemical plant, Ningbo Huasheng Company, Shanghai Taopu company, etc. are also developing transparent polypropylene

at present, domestic transparent polypropylene is mainly applicable to the field of general transparent products. It basically does not produce special materials for hot filling beverage bottles that require heat resistance and high brightness after water penetration, and this part of the demand mainly depends on imports. This situation is closely related to the relatively backward development and application of polyolefin nucleating agents in China

7 conclusion and suggestions

low cost, high temperature resistance and small equipment investment will make BOPP hot filling an ideal and economical environmental protection product to replace tinplate cans, glass bottles, pet hot filling bottles, etc. At present, the domestic market capacity of BOPP hot filling bottle is about 1billion, and the market prospect is promising in the future

pet bottles have been widely accepted by beverage enterprises, but BOPP hot filling bottles have also received close attention from all parties once they were launched. The competition among the three will be first launched in the hot filled beverage market, especially in the tea beverage market. Since packaging accounts for a large proportion of the cost of beverages, even enterprises that have used PET bottles may turn to BOPP bottles, while some newly invested tea beverage enterprises may directly use BOPP bottles

hot filling and sterile cold filling have their own advantages and disadvantages. In addition to considering technical factors, enterprises also play an important role in investment decisions. For most enterprises that have no money to invest or temporarily unconditionally invest in aseptic cold filling lines, but must use hot filling technology, they must choose packaging materials again, and BOPP bottles are expected to become a substitute for hot filling bottles

Valet filling will become more and more common in China's beverage industry in the future. For professional bottle making enterprises, the development of Valet filling business can expand the business space of the company, extend the business to the downstream, and improve the profitability of the company. For professional beverage production enterprises, filling and production for other enterprises can not only digest their own products, but also indirectly enter the beverage market. Filling equipment manufacturers produce hot filling and bottling for beverage packaging, while the valet filling business also contains a large market space

at present, the problems in the research and development process of transparent polypropylene in China mainly include the high cost of transparent agent, uneven control of the amount of additives in industrial devices, poor balance between breaking strength, tensile strength and impact strength in mechanical properties, and a large decline in the mechanical properties of radiation-resistant products after radiation. It is suggested that relevant departments or enterprises should strengthen the research and development of transparent agent, strengthen the development of high transparent random copolymer polypropylene brand, and speed up the processing and application of high transparent polypropylene. At the same time, enterprises producing BOPP hot filling and bottling should strengthen self-discipline and avoid using unqualified resin raw materials

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