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Hunan paper company: trial produce 80g/m2 composite base paper

recently, the 4 # machine in the second papermaking workshop of Hunan paper successfully trial produce 80g/m2 composite base paper. The physical indexes and other quality indexes of the test paper at the same time meet the requirements of qualified products

80g/M2 composite base paper is the lowest quantitative variety of 4# machine since it was put into production. According to the requirements of its main quality indicators, the second papermaking workshop formulated a special plan for mining, proposed the way of sizing with surface and lining, formulated a special implementation plan from the process trend, beating process, the addition of chemical raw materials to the corresponding paper machine working parameters such as the paper machine department, the press department, the drying department, and made full use of the time gap between the elimination of the company's system, and made every effort to organize forces to improve and optimize the pulp and paper system in the workshop, 80g/m2 composite base paper was produced at 11:00 p.m. on November 15, and its sample quality has reached the expected goal after testing

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