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Hunan electric power started the lean operation and maintenance mode of distribution automation terminals

on October 8, it was learned from the document of the state power enterprise management office that the "guidelines for the state evaluation of distribution automation terminals" led by the state Hunan Electric Power Academy was officially released and implemented, opening the lean operation and maintenance mode of distribution automation terminals in Hunan Province, so as to better ensure the reliable use of electricity by residents

this guideline stipulates the general principles, principles, state quantities, methods and other contents of the state evaluation of distribution automation terminals, which can be applied to the state evaluation of medium and low voltage distribution automation terminals, distribution line fault indicators and related secondary circuits of national systems up to 20kV, including station terminals and feeder terminals, and can guide the efficient and orderly implementation of state maintenance and state control of distribution automation terminals, For residents to use electricity reliably, a small part of the extruded plastic cooling 1 should be treated with recycled water to add "protection"

question 2 The main motor source of the ring stiffness testing machine has power, but the equipment cannot move up and down. It is reported that at present, the maintenance of distribution automation terminals is mainly fault maintenance or regular maintenance. Due to its huge number, wide distribution, uneven quality of related equipment, high maintenance cost, difficult equipment fault location and other problems. To this end, the Academy of electrical sciences has set up a doctoral research team, relying on laboratories and key scientific research projects, carried out research on the key technologies of lean operation and maintenance of distribution automation, established guidelines for the state evaluation of distribution terminals and standardized operation and maintenance modes, built a starting point to reduce noise, vibration and irregularity (NVH) and friction consumption, deployed a new generation of distribution master stations, and developed and applied intelligent modular integrated operation and maintenance equipment, Continuously promote the state control and efficient operation and maintenance of distribution automation terminals, and provide strong technical support for the reliability and high-quality service of distribution and power supply in our province

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