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Hunan implements trillion key investment in building three railways and magnetic levitation

Hunan implements trillion key investment in building three railways and magnetic levitation

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the provincial development and reform work conference held on January 14 announced that the electrical switch will be turned off. This year, our province will highlight the implementation of "infrastructure upgrading, new urbanization quality improvement, financing mode innovation" and "three actions" to optimize the investment structure, Expand effective investment

this year, our province will promote the "511" key investment plan (covering 50 major projects, 1000 key projects, and 1 trillion yuan of key investment), highlighting the implementation of the "three actions"

the infrastructure upgrading action will strive to build the "four" of transportation, energy, information and water conservancy. Among them, the focus of transportation is to pay attention to the construction of major projects such as Wu Jing expressway, high-grade channels such as Xiangjiang River and Yuanshui River, Menghua railway, Huaihua Shaoheng railway, Guizhou Zhangchang railway, Changsha maglev, Zhangjiajie airport reconstruction and expansion, etc. Focus on the construction of clean energy points such as wind power, photovoltaic, water (geothermal) and other energy channels such as UHV transmission and natural gas long-distance transmission pipelines; Focus on major projects such as "this kind of material is more environmentally friendly" and "gasification Hunan". Information will promote major projects such as cloud computing platforms, and focus on major projects such as 4G wireless networks, broadband speed-up, and optical fiber transformation in old urban areas. Water conservancy will focus on promoting the cultural and military expansion of centian River and Mangshan reservoir, focusing on the construction of urban flood control circles and the treatment of small and medium-sized rivers, and completing the rural drinking water safety project for 3.6 million people

the new urbanization and quality improvement action is expected to invest 250billion yuan. Improve the carrying function of aboveground facilities and create a new type of city with convenient travel and good environment; Increase investment in "two houses and two sheds". Improve the supporting functions of underground facilities, focus on the transformation and construction of 2600 kilometers of urban drainage and flood prevention pipes, 1500 kilometers of water supply pipes, 3000 kilometers of new gas trunk pipes and the transformation of old pipes, and 350000 new pipeline gas users

The innovative action of financing mode will optimize government investment, increase the amount of government bonds and special bonds, and expand the scale of venture capital funds. Explore the establishment of provincial venture capital and risk compensation funds. Activate private investment and select a number of projects to carry out PPP pilot projects in operational fields such as toll roads and sewage and waste treatment; Encouraging private capital to initiate the establishment of industrial investment funds and its cooperation with ISRO Mars Orbiter is also known as equity investment funds. Expand investment attraction, promote new investment attraction models such as industrial chain, supply chain and core value chain, and actively attract foreign capital to settle down

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