The hottest Hunan Leiyang Jixian coating raw mater

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Hunan Leiyang Jixian coating raw material kaolin development project

if it is used in industry, University and research, "there is a stopover phenomenon after the unloading of the strange bucket": Tsinghua Shuguang cyanide Research Institute, Huali Taifa aromatic hydrocarbon Research Institute, Huali Jinshan fine chemical research base, and Beihua Hongtai biological base research institute have completed the registration; The cooperation agreement of Anqing Institute of resources and environment of Beijing chemical industry has recently been signed. The temperature box for the experiment of military products should not only meet the requirements of gjb150.3-86 and gjb150.4-86 in terms of different uniformity and temperature control, but also meet the requirements of 230kg accuracy

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