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Hunan: construction machinery is no longer a blind spot of work safety supervision

Hunan: construction machinery is no longer a blind spot of work safety supervision

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the Hunan Provincial Safety Committee issued a notice today, requiring all departments at all levels in the province to effectively enhance the sense of urgency and urgency of the work of the safety supervision of construction machinery through a series of capital data analysis, so as to be firm and unable to naturally degrade and abide by the red line and bottom line of work safety

with the rapid development of China's economic construction, the number of construction machinery equipment and construction machinery operators has soared. At present, about 1million construction machinery of all kinds are active in the production and construction front line in the province. Due to the failure to clarify the supervision function, construction machinery has been in a blind spot of safety supervision for a long time, and there are a large number of potential safety hazards

the provincial safety committee requires all local departments to comprehensively strengthen the safety supervision of construction machinery production and operation, and focus on the unlicensed operation and illegal operation of construction machinery; Improve the safety management rules and regulations of the construction machinery industry, and establish the safety protection measures for operators to work with certificates, registration of construction machinery and technical equipment according to law; Promote the implementation of national and industrial standards, and eliminate construction machinery and equipment that seriously endanger the production safety catalogue formulated and published by the national and provincial governments

the provincial safety committee pointed out in the notice that the departments of safety supervision, housing and construction, economy and information technology should strengthen cooperation and form a joint force. We should encourage the exploration and implementation of authorized law enforcement, entrusted law enforcement and government purchase of services, and carry out joint inspections to investigate and deal with hidden dangers

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