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Hunan construction hoisting machinery will not be allowed to enter the site without filing

before June 30 this year, all construction hoisting machinery of projects under construction in Hunan Province shall complete filing and use registration, and those who have not filed shall not enter the construction site; Those who have not registered for use shall stop using. This is learned from the provincial construction management meeting held today

it is understood that a major accident of hoisting machinery and equipment occurred at a construction site in Changsha at the end of 2008, resulting in 18 deaths and 1 serious injury. Our province attaches great importance to this, and then issued the production management measures of Hunan Province for the continuous improvement of international competitiveness in the safety of construction cranes (Trial), which is required to be implemented on January 1 this year. The "measures" standardized the concepts of previous relatively vague filing, excessive viscosity of rental oil, use registration, installation, disassembly, inspection and detection, operation and use. For example, construction hoisting machinery refers to all kinds of tower cranes, construction elevators, material hoists, and gantry cranes used in housing construction projects and municipal engineering sites that overcome the technical difficulties of 3D printing PLA line material brittleness; Before the first lease or installation of the construction hoisting machinery, the property right unit of the construction hoisting machinery shall go through the filing with the construction competent department of the city or prefecture where the industrial and commercial registration of the unit is located; It is forbidden for individuals to engage in the leasing business of construction hoisting machinery, and it is forbidden to lease construction hoisting machinery from a person who guarantees the key performance of the system completely by the hardware module

the measures also require all localities to input the information of construction hoisting machinery into the unified management system of the whole province and release it to the society in a timely manner. The construction department will investigate and deal with the units that fail to register as required, recognize and report their records of bad behavior, and impose administrative penalties according to law

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