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Hunan plastics enterprises have their own industry organization

at the end of the year, Hunan plastics industry association was announced to be established in Changsha. More than 100 representatives from Hunan plastics industry attended the founding meeting for the purpose of reducing workload without reducing the reliability of testing conclusions. Participating enterprises have said that with industry associations, Hunan plastic enterprises will wait for the addition of 3% to 5% to have a "mother's family", so that enterprises will be in charge of anything

at present, the Secretariat of the association is located in Hunan Plastic Research Institute. It is understood that there are more than 1000 plastic industrial processing enterprises in Hunan Province, and more than 90 enterprises above Designated Size, with an annual production capacity of more than 200000 tons, of which 2 are listed companies, including Hunan ansu Co., Ltd. and Zhuzhou Shidai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. In addition, well-known companies such as Huatian Aluminum Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Petrochemical Zhuzhou Plastic Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Xiangrui plastic building materials Co., Ltd. also have a certain influence in the industry. The plastic industry in Hunan Province has great development potential. The current population of Hunan Province accounts for about 5% of the total population of the country. At present, the output of plastic products in Hunan Province accounts for only 1% of the country. The per capita ownership of plastic products is lower than the national average. If the output of plastic products in Hunan Province accounts for 5% of the country, the total output of plastic products in the province will reach 1million tons

the establishment of Hunan plastics industry association is an important symbol of the transformation of the management function of Hunan plastics industry. In the future, the association will take enterprise service as its purpose, represent the interests of enterprises, and reflect the voice of enterprises. They will establish a network platform to strengthen the communication with enterprises, and provide exchanges between enterprises, so as to truly form a bridge between the government and enterprises, Create a new situation for the plastic industry in Hunan Province

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