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The purpose and standard system of packaging quality

packaging quality refers to the attribute that product packaging can meet the needs and satisfaction degree of the whole production and circulation process from production, storage, transportation and sales to consumption. The quality of packaging not only affects the comprehensive cost-effectiveness and product quality of packaging, but also affects the competitiveness of commodity market and the overall image of enterprise brand. Therefore, understanding or establishing the packaging quality standard system is an important part of packaging work. The standard system for evaluating the quality of food packaging mainly considers the following aspects

(I) packaging can provide good protection for food

food is very perishable. Whether the packaging can preserve the food quality within the set food shelf life is the key to evaluate the packaging quality. The protective parts of packaging on products are mainly manifested in three aspects:

(1) physical protection

including vibration and impact resistance, heat and dust insulation, light and oxygen resistance, water vapor resistance and odor resistance

(2) chemical protection

includes preventing food oxidation, discoloration, aging, decomposition, rust and migration of toxic substances

(3) biological protection

is mainly to prevent microbial infection, insects and rats

other relevant protections: refers to anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, etc

(II) health and safety

the health and safety of packaged food is directly related to the health and safety of consumers, and it is also the focus of disputes. A special presentation will be made

(III) convenience and marketability

packaging should have good convenience and promotion functions, reflecting the value and attractiveness of commodities

(IV) good processing adaptability

packaging materials should be easy to process and shape, packaging operations should be simple and easy, and packaging technology should be matched with food production technology

the new material industry blooms everywhere (V) the packaging cost is reasonable

the packaging cost should refer to the comprehensive economic cost including the packaging material cost, packaging operation cost, transportation packaging and its operation cost

in addition to the above points, the standard system for evaluating the quality of food packaging should also consider that packaging waste is easy to recycle, does not pollute the environment, and complies with packaging standards and regulations

after the 1980s, in addition to the above-mentioned packaging product quality, there are actually many things that need to be paid attention to, such as the stacking strength borne by the packaging, the bursting resistance of the paperboard and the bumps in the transportation process. Haida instrument specializes in the design, production and sales of carton compression testing machines, vibration testing platforms, ring blank holder pressure testing machines, rupture strength testing machines, drop testing machines and other related testing instruments, It is designed to provide overall laboratory solutions for enterprises, help enterprises improve product quality and solve various product quality problems required by customers

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