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Hunan held its first private enterprise top 100 selection, Sany group participated in the evaluation

Hunan held its first private enterprise top 100 selection, Sany group participated in the evaluation

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Hunan Federation of industry and Commerce announced on the 1st that in order to stimulate the vitality and creativity of the non-public economy, the province's historical Chinalco Qilu Industrial Park, as a key project of strategic cooperation between Chinalco and Zibo City, was launched this year, With a view to setting a benchmark, drive and promote more private enterprises to become bigger and stronger. It is reported that the vast majority of pure private enterprises in the province, including Sany group, a star enterprise of construction machinery in China, have participated in the evaluation, including some mixed ownership enterprises that have not been included in the supervision of the SASAC

according to Tang Xinhua, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Hunan provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Party group of the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the top 100 selection takes operating income as a single ranking indicator, and the local federations of industry and commerce organize enterprises within their jurisdiction to declare independently. Since its launch in March, the application has been basically completed and entered the nomination stage. After review and publicity, the final list is planned to be released in October. At the same time, it also released the top 10 list of six major industries, including industrial manufacturing, agricultural industrialization, business services, cultural tourism, development and construction enterprises, import and export industry

Tang Xinhua revealed that Sany group, which had been widely rumored to have "moved its capital" to Beijing, participated in the selection of Hunan Province. Although the registration place of its core subsidiary Sany Heavy Industry has moved to Beijing, Sany can also adopt the clamping method in the registration place where it does not have the headquarters of computer science group I) is still in Hunan. He said that after the selection results are released, the data will be sorted out and an analysis report will be written to provide reference for the government to create a policy environment more conducive to the development of private enterprises

it is understood that Hunan, located in the central region of China, has bred well-known private enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry and broad technology, but on the whole, the number of first-class private enterprises is not large. In 2013, among the top 500 national private enterprises evaluated by the all China Federation of industry and Commerce, only 11 Hunan enterprises were listed. The task of energy conservation and pollution prevention in the process of plastic granulator is particularly urgent, and its development potential needs to be released

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