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Hunan high-altitude working platform efficiently serves Yunnan Construction Engineering Group

Hunan high-altitude working platform efficiently serves Yunnan Construction Engineering Group

it is an ideal testing equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, engineering quality supervision stations and other departments. The end face of t pressure needle has a certain extension length relative to the pressure foot plane. L China Construction machinery information

recently, the office building of Yunnan Construction Engineering Group is closely packed with maintenance work. As a multi-level large enterprise group in China, Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is making efforts to adjust its structure and enhance its comprehensive strength in recent years, making significant contributions to Yunnan's economic construction and social development

the staff are using the electric curved arm aerial work platform to clean the wall glass

the person in charge said that many factors need to be considered in this maintenance, such as: the normal work of office staff cannot be affected, the ground and environment of the office building cannot be damaged, and the wall glass needs to be cleaned across the sculpture. I began to think about using scaffolding, but the scaffolding operation is relatively rigid, time-consuming and laborious, and there are still potential safety hazards. After many aspects of understanding and comparison, Hunan Xingbang heavy industry electric jib aerial work platform was finally selected. It is understood that this platform adopts a multi-level folding arm combination, which is simple and flexible to operate; The flying arm can swing 135 ° vertically, and the operating platform can swing 160 ° horizontally, which can help workers easily cross obstacles to clean and maintain wall glass, high-altitude lighting and equipment. The platform adopts electric drive mode, with low noise and rich power energy. It is still in an important strategic opportunity period of development, energy saving and environmental protection, 100% single component, and low pressure on the ground; The collection space is small, so it is more convenient to work through the narrow area

with its high efficiency, safety, reliability and simple and flexible operation, Xingbang heavy industry aerial work platform has greatly shortened the maintenance cycle of the office building on the basis of not affecting the office work of the employees of the construction engineering group, and has won the unanimous praise of Yunnan Construction Engineering Group. At present, the aerial work platform is gradually replacing the scaffold construction with the characteristics of safety and efficiency. It is believed that it will become the new darling of the construction industry in the near future

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