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Hunan Jiafei new materials received a capital increase of 29.5 million yuan

pilot and start-up projects, which are rarely visited by venture capital, are finally favored. Recently, "lucky man" Hunan basically covers the food contact materials currently used in China. Jiafei new materials Co., Ltd. has successfully increased its capital and shares, including Changsha Science and Technology Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. (municipal venture capital), Changsha high tech Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., Hunan Xinghe Investment Co., Ltd. and investors in Guangdong, Fujian and other places with relatively low prices compared with resin, Jointly invest 29.5 million yuan in Jiafei new materials to promote the industrialization of the company's "new process for producing chromium trioxide and ferrous oxalate with carbon ferrochrome as raw material"

according to the person in charge of the municipal venture capital, The project is a key science and technology project approved by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau "However, the partners of all parties, including investors, intervened in the early stage of industrialization, aiming to shorten the cycle of the project from pilot test to industrialization by building a good cooperation mode, quickly cultivate the project into an emerging advantageous industry in Hunan, and help the enterprise grow into a leader in the basic chemical industry based on clean production and with new materials and new energy as the core as soon as possible. Relevant experts said that the project belongs to the production of chromium trioxide The new process with green environmental protection and independent intellectual property rights is expected to better solve the worldwide problem of serious pollution caused by the production of hexavalent chromium compounds. Due to the intervention of municipal venture capital and other aspects, the shareholder structure of the restructured "Jiafei new material" tends to be reasonable, effectively integrating resources such as technology, capital operation, production and sales

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