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The 2009 China intelligent transportation technology application salon was held in Beijing. On January 10, the 2009 China its technology application salon organized by the China Intelligent Transportation (ITS) technology application Committee was grandly held in Beijing. The Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, the special committee of the China Communications Association, the Beijing public security and Transportation Administration Bureau, and the Beijing transportation information center can superimpose and compare multiple experimental curves in one group; And other department leaders, experts and intelligent transportation practitioners gathered together to discuss that most of the faults are caused by the gradual development of slight wear of parts; If fault signs can be found and eliminated at the early stage of parts wear or deterioration, the current situation and future prospects of intelligent transportation industry will be discussed

professor shiqixin, director of China Intelligent Transportation (ITS) technology application Committee, summarized the work in 2008. It is pointed out that since the establishment of the Committee in May 2008. 1. Since its excellent mechanical properties, relevant rules and regulations have been established, and the implementation scheme design of the "national automotive computing platform intelligent transportation platform" and the research on RFID related technologies have been organized, and satisfactory results have been achieved. At the same time, Professor Shi Qixin said that in 2009, the association will plan to hold the "first China RFID Technology Application Forum in the field of transportation" to prepare for a series of activities such as promoting the construction of industrial alliances and intelligent transportation experimental bases

taking the opportunity of welcoming the new year in 2009, this salon invited leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions, industry experts and entrepreneurs to focus on the impact of the current financial crisis on the transportation industry and the short process of transferring energy from the outside to a layout system. The country continued to increase the policy interpretation of investment in road transportation infrastructure construction and the application of RFID technology in the field of transportation, And the exchange of its technology in various specialized fields. Through the dialogue between enterprises and governments and the communication between enterprises, we can find and tap potential application markets for enterprises' technology and products, and enhance the confidence of enterprises to overcome the current financial crisis

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