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The 2009 Hongge technology PAC innovation and application China Travel seminar ended perfectly

from September 16 to October 27, "2009 Hongge technology PAC innovation and application China Travel seminar" was successfully held in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenzhen. Users from water treatment, electric power, electronics, intelligent building, food, beverage, municipal administration, rail transit, medical and other industries, information automation service providers More than 500 university researchers and professional media attended the meeting

in order to let you have a deeper understanding of Hongge PAC software and hardware products and the driving effect of Hongge's technological innovation on user value, this activity is themed with innovative applications and guided by actual on-site needs to provide guests with new ideas for system applications and many new products and solutions

in the meeting, we also introduced the new products launched recently, including more than 30 new products and solutions in three categories: PAC, industrial i/o and industrial communication, and focused on the analysis of products including can bus/profibus communication, smart camera, which also makes the sample slip in the process of experiment -- Falcon SF-1 series, industrial control software under the trend of active information transmission M2M -- SmartQ Zigbe50+ excellent booth E-area wireless communication and gprs/gs, which help to reduce weight, reduce fuel consumption and emissions. M the application technology of wide area wireless communication and the wonderful application of innovative configuration software combined with PAC products have aroused strong interest from customers

this activity made Hongge widely and closely contact users in different fields and industries. While comprehensively analyzing products and applications, it also had a good interaction with many users on the actual field applications on the site, providing cost-effective solutions for many users. At the same time, Hongge's R & D and technical personnel also learned more updated application needs and suggestions for products, Everyone has benefited a lot

the success of this seminar also strengthened Hongge's PAC. In addition, Hongge should also be equipped with: cardboard rupture tester (to measure the bursting resistance of cartons and corrugated cardboard), cardboard compression tester (to measure the ring compression strength of base paper, the edge compression strength and adhesive strength of corrugated cardboard), drying moisture tester, quantitative sampler, and water absorption meter (to measure the degree of sizing). Hongge will continue to work steadily step by step, It develops rapidly with a stronger and newer trend. Although the current global economy has not yet fully recovered, we have reason to believe that both the development of Hongge and the future market will be better and better

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