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According to the data of the Ministry of construction and the National Bureau of building materials statistics, the total area of public buildings in China is about 4.5 billion square meters, of which 99% are high-energy buildings. At a time when the global energy is increasingly tense, in order to alleviate the energy pressure brought by economic development, the country is comprehensively popularizing and promoting energy-saving building materials, which can increase the service life and increase the booming real estate development heat. At least 500billion profit space is hidden in China's building glass film market. Therefore, the functional building glass film is increasingly being widely promoted and applied to improve driving safety, especially the building glass film with unique functions and leading technology

looking at the global building materials market, almost every series of products has become saturated, and the white hot competition has reduced the originally huge market share to the lowest. Although the whole market is still booming, the cutting-edge brands of each mature product have been erected, and it is not easy to take another share in this sunrise industry

in terms of the global status quo, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, building glass film has become an industry standard, and China has also begun to advocate building glass film due to the increasingly serious energy crisis. In terms of the development process of the industry, the construction glass film industry is in the market entry stage in China. The following factors have accelerated the application of architectural glass film in China, which will be popularized and become a building necessity

American famous film series architectural glass film, which is different from nature and unique after tomorrow, leads to break through the industry difficulties, reclaim the virgin land of China's building materials market, and introduce a new world of wealth creation for you

stick a layer of thermal insulation glass film, which is equivalent to the thermal insulation effect of 30cm brick wall, and can block up to% of the heat entering the house through the glass window to achieve the effect of heat insulation and constant temperature. It can also eliminate solar ultraviolet radiation and use no or less air conditioning, which not only reduces the cost of air conditioning, but also reduces the occurrence probability of (air conditioning disease) from the root

based on a house with an area of about 160 square meters and a glass area of 50 square meters, the total installed power is 6. There are three air conditioners with 5 pcs and a total of 15 kW. If the indoor temperature is to be maintained at about 25 ℃, the air conditioner needs to operate continuously for 7 hours every day. The air conditioner with a total power of 15 kW consumes about 7 degrees per hour. In this way, the power consumption of air conditioning alone is about 49 degrees. 0 per kilowatt hour. At 5 yuan, air conditioning costs 25 yuan a day and 750 yuan a month. In July, August and September every year, it costs 2250 yuan to use electricity for air conditioning alone. After using the glass film, the indoor temperature is basically maintained between 26 and 27 degrees, and the temperature of the air conditioner is always controlled at 29 degrees. In this case, the continuous operation time of the air conditioner with the same power is about 4 hours, and the daily consumption limit is 28 degrees. Compared with before the film is applied, the power consumption of the air conditioner is saved by 21 degrees every day, about 435 yuan per month and 1305 yuan per three months

building glass film is in full swing abroad, but it is still a wealth industry that only a few people know in China. It only attracts the attention of domestic investors after a very small number of foresighters make a lot of money because of it. In China, where the economy is booming, nearly 20billion square meters of building glass market is in urgent need of maintenance every year, and continues to grow rapidly at a rate of 10%. Coupled with the increasing attention and promotion of energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials, the building glass film that benefits the country and the people will be more widely used in the field of public buildings and home decoration

for example, for a medium-sized shopping mall, calculated by 1000 square meters of glass, the cost of explosion-proof insulation film: 30% 26mdash; 60 yuan/square meter, according to the minimum price of 150 yuan/square meter, it is 150000 yuan of running water. If the price is well negotiated, the profit space will be larger. Recognize the goal, grasp the opportunity, and make six or seven orders a year, which will immediately be a million body D - permanent deformation and temporary deformation price

Mingmo building glass film actively explores the local market and surrounding markets, takes the community as the leading role, radiates office buildings, and its advantages in heat insulation, anti riot, anti radiation and other aspects make it quickly recognized by local consumers during the "1025" period. As word of mouth, many government agencies, business buildings and community owners also heard of it. It has successively undertaken several projects of nearly 1000 square meters, such as Shijiazhuang pinhui times, Shijiazhuang villa, Hebei TV Center, etc. An explosive expansion of the use of building glass film has spread rapidly in China, and then some people get rich quickly

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