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2010 emerging energy industry development report 2010 emerging energy industry development report news the past 2010 can be said to be the "year of China" of emerging energy. No industry can be as concerned and vibrant as emerging energy. With more and more distinct policy support, China's emerging energy industry has shown the best development momentum in history. The scale of emerging energy continues to expand, and it has entered the world's advanced level in some important fields. The government has continuously introduced incentive policies, gradually improved standards, and gradually improved the market, showing a positive 2. Adhere to the innovation driven development situation. This year, China's emerging energy sector grew rapidly, and the scale and proportion of investment increased significantly. Data show that in the first three quarters, 231.1 billion yuan was invested in the national power infrastructure, with hydropower, wind power and nuclear power accounting for 62% of the total investment. At the end of September 2010, the installed capacity of hydropower, nuclear power and wind power accounted for 25.6% in total, an increase of 2 percentage points over the same period last year

towards a strong year

in 2010, China's emerging energy sector received frequent good news

good news 1: the installed capacity of hydropower in China has exceeded 200million kW. On August 25th, 2010, Huaneng Xiaowan Hydropower Station was fully put into operation, marking that the total installed capacity of hydropower in China exceeded 200million kW, accounting for 22% of the total installed capacity of power in China. 1. They can store data or print it out with a printer

good news 2: China has become the largest country in the world with nuclear power under construction for two consecutive years. As of September last year, the State Council has approved 34 nuclear power units with an installed capacity of 36.92 million KW, including 25 units under construction and 27.73 million KW

good news 3: the installed scale of wind power in China may become the first in the world. In December last year, China's total installed capacity of wind power exceeded 40million kW, which may surpass the United States and become the world's first

good news 4: China has become the country with the largest scale of solar energy and the largest export volume of photovoltaic products in the world. In 2010, China accounted for more than 50% of the global production of photovoltaic products

what is more gratifying is that in 2010, China's emerging energy achieved a qualitative leap

the installed capacity of hydropower has reached 200million kW, which is behind the overall improvement of China's hydropower construction level. After long-term practice of engineering construction, the level of hydropower construction in China has been continuously improved, and a complete hydropower design, construction, equipment manufacturing and operation management system has been formed, with the ability to independently design, construct and manage all kinds of hydropower stations

in terms of nuclear power, all the main equipment of China's million kilowatt nuclear power plants have been localized, and the fourth generation advanced nuclear power system technology has achieved a major breakthrough. On July 21, 2010, China Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR), China's first fast neutron reactor independently developed by China Academy of atomic energy of China National Nuclear Corporation, reached its first criticality, which means that China's fourth generation advanced nuclear power system technology has achieved a major breakthrough

on December 20, 2010, China's first million KW nuclear reactor pressure vessel, which was manufactured by China National Heavy Industry Research and Development Corporation, was completed, marking the localization of all the main equipment of China's million KW nuclear power plants

in terms of wind power, China's first large-scale offshore wind farm uses all wind turbines and generates electricity. It uses the first batch of 3 MW offshore wind turbines with completely independent intellectual property rights manufactured by Sinovel wind power, filling the gap of large-scale offshore wind turbines. It marks that China's high-power wind turbine equipment manufacturing industry ranks among the world's advanced ranks

China's solar energy industry chain has tended to be complete. From polysilicon raw materials to photovoltaic system installation, as well as glass panels, sealing films and other accessories, China has occupied world advantages, and the situation of "two ends out" has been preliminarily improved

in terms of biomass energy, China's first non grain fuel ethanol Guangxi 200000 ton cassava ethanol project has achieved the international advanced level in overall technical and economic indicators, forming a complete set of cassava fuel ethanol production technology with independent intellectual property rights

in addition, the unconventional utilization of conventional energy and unconventional oil and gas development have gradually attracted national attention. The development plan for emerging energy industry, prepared by the national energy administration and prepared for more than a year, was submitted to the State Council for approval last year. It is understood that the plan not only includes new energy in the traditional sense, but also includes the clean utilization of clean coal, coalbed methane, shale gas and other conventional energy, as well as unconventional oil and gas development

In 2010, the state issued a series of high gold content emerging energy support policies, which directly led to the development of the emerging energy industry

in the first half of the plan, the total investment in the early equipment of ACTC R & D center is 15million euros. Two important documents of the State Council were issued, namely "Document No. 1" and "several opinions on encouraging and guiding the healthy development of private investment". The former can expand the development field of emerging energy and open up the vast rural market of emerging energy. The latter can increase the investment participants of emerging energy and lead the majority of private capital to emerging energy

the "No.1 Document" issued in February 2010 focuses on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and emphasizes strengthening the construction of Rural emerging energy. The document points out that: continue to implement the small hydropower instead of fuel project, accelerate the construction of rural household biogas, large and medium-sized biogas and centralized gas supply projects, and support the development and utilization of new energy in rural areas

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