China's foreign trade growth may slow down next ye

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The growth rate of China's foreign trade may slow down next year, with less rice and more bowls in container transportation

the growth rate of China's foreign trade is likely to slow down, but the input of container transport capacity will still maintain rapid growth

although China's foreign trade is expected to maintain rapid growth next year, the growth rate will slow down, and the oversupply of container transport capacity will intensify. This is what the Shanghai Shipping Exchange said in the 2005 container transportation market analysis and 2006 outlook report recently released

According to the analysis of the report, from January to October this year, driven by the growth of foreign trade, the container throughput of China's ports rose, and the container throughput of major ports across the country was 60.97 million TEUs, an increase of 23.8% year-on-year

however, the obvious feature of this year's performance is that the power inertia ratio of the rotor has been improved at the same time. The C. double report: the fully open user report that the growth of transport capacity exceeded the growth of demand. Take Shanghai as an example, the number of flights on almost all routes showed a significant growth trend, among which the number of flights on North American and northwest European routes in October this year increased by more than 40% over the same period last year. In particular, the acceleration of transport capacity investment in the second half of the year has reversed the supply and demand situation. Even if the surcharge is increased, it is difficult to reverse the downward trend of freight rates. On November 18, the Shanghai Shipping Exchange released the China export container index. At the same time, all industries were discussing how to transform and upgrade. The combined freight index closed at 1124.95, down 4.6% from the beginning of the year

according to the prediction of the Ministry of Commerce, the scale of China's foreign trade next year is expected to exceed US $1600billion, an increase of 15%, and the growth rate is significantly slower than this year. However, the trend of rapid growth of transportation capacity will continue next year

according to statistics, the global new shipping capacity will reach 1.332 million TEUs next year, equivalent to 16.5% of the fleet size at the end of this year, indicating that the growth rate of shipping capacity next year will be faster than this year. Among them, super Panamax ships will account for 51% of the delivery capacity next year, which means that the supply and demand situation of the main routes will be very severe. For China, the situation of relative excess capacity in the container transportation market will intensify next year

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