China's foreign trade needs to speed up structural

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China's foreign trade also needs to speed up structural adjustment

at the fourth China open forum in 2011, held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, viscoelasticity of biological elastomer materials has advantages in wetlands and high temperatures, Yaojingyuan, chief economist of the National Bureau of statistics, said that since China's accession to the WTO, the way of high consumption, high pollution and low income of China's foreign trade has not achieved a fundamental change, and it is necessary to accelerate the strategic adjustment of economic structure

as for the problems existing in China's foreign trade export at present, Yao Jingyuan said that leading, a large part of China's foreign trade products are resource intensive and primary products, as well as the characteristics of low added value and low technology content. On the one hand, this model leads to excessive dependence on resources for export commodities, and the utilization rate of resources is very low; On the other hand, it also led to the plundering of resources. Most of the screws were pushed out of the barrel for grabbing mining and the destruction of the environment, resulting in serious waste of resources, environmental pollution and the weakening of the momentum of economic development. Obviously, this way is not conducive to the stable development of the entire national economy

second, since China's entry into the WTO, the expansion of China's trade scale has relied too much on processing trade, and the structural grade of export products is low. Even the processing trade among high-tech products is also engaged in labor-intensive processing and assembly links, with low added value. Moreover, the domestic procurement rate is low, and it is not closely related to the domestic economy

Third, China's overall terms of trade have not been fundamentally improved since China's entry into WTO. As you know, we often say that the price of China's exports will fall internationally, and the market output value of China's imports of global monitors is expected to be about US $150billion, and the price will rise internationally. This situation is mainly due to our increasing international dependence on resources and energy products. This has led to the continuous rise of our import price index, which has worsened China's terms of trade

fourth, China's foreign trade development has been uneven since China's entry into WTO, with a large trade surplus. In the 10 years since China's accession to the WTO, China's imports have increased by 473%, and its exports have grown faster, reaching 492%. Due to the continuous expansion of foreign trade surplus and the continuous accumulation of foreign exchange reserves, the pressure on the appreciation of the RMB is increasing

Yao Jingyuan said that the decade after China's accession to the WTO is one of the fastest historical periods for China's economic development, and it is a correct decision. However, we should also see the existing problems. We should speed up the transformation of the mode of economic growth to make China's economy develop more healthily

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