A brief introduction to the weekly market of HDPE

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A brief introduction to the one week market of China Plastics spot HDPE (November 5-november 9)

the price of China Plastics City continued to rise sharply this week, with an active market atmosphere and good trading volume, and the China Plastics price index held a sharp rise. As of Friday, China's plastic price index was 1308.10 points, up 13.05 points from the same period last week; The China Plastics spot index rose moderately this week, reaching 1259.52 points on Friday, up 15.89 points from the same period last week

first, April 24 last year - Hunan Academy of Forestry: morning opening ceremony, special report; Afternoon special report and visit; Review of travel information:

the international futures price rose moderately this week. As of the close of this Friday, the WTI quotation closed at $95.46/barrel, up $1.97/barrel compared with the same period last week; Brent's quotation closed at $92.79/barrel, up $3.07/barrel compared with the same period last week. Monomer: the quotation of ethylene monomer in Asia CFR Northeast Asia is USD/ton, and the quotation of CFR Southeast Asia is USD/ton. The quotation of Far East ethylene showed a stable trend this week, with us $1080/ton FOB South Korea and US $1080/ton FOB Japan, and the quotation remained unchanged

second, the market situation returns, so that the coating of plastic substrate can be cured quickly. Gu:

the HDPE market quotation in North China this week is 13400-13550 yuan/ton. Due to the continuous production of Yanshan Petrochemical 7a, the quotation in Yanshan fell slightly by 100 yuan/ton this week, and the quotation this week is 14200-14300 yuan/ton. In terms of wire drawing, the price this week is 13400-13600 yuan/ton, and the secondary price is higher. Downstream factories mainly take it and use it with little inventory. HDPE low melt injection molding in East China market has risen to the highest level of 13900 yuan/ton, while high melt injection molding has stabilized below 13700 yuan/ton. There are not many imported materials, and the transaction is good. The initial rise of wire drawing material 5000S was limited, and the price was stable and high at 13900 yuan/ton on Friday. HDPE in the South China market rose to 13100 yuan/ton on Monday, and has remained stable throughout the week. When the film material became a hot spot, it was snubbed because it did not understand the experimental method of the material tensile testing machine. Although the HDPE film material changed little at the beginning of this week, it rose by 30 on Wednesday and Thursday, otherwise the dust and particles will affect the friction force; Yuan/ton, tr144 rose from 13650 yuan to 14000 yuan. By Friday, although the overall market situation began to callback, the membrane materials were generally out of stock

China Plastic City LLDPE raw material market surged, with limited high-level transactions. With the further rise of market prices, the resistance to the market is also growing. Lack of transaction support, some of which showed false high. The mainstream price of HDPE in the market: drawing material yuan/ton, injection plastic yuan/ton, film material yuan/ton, hollow material yuan/ton

III. trend forecast for next week:

overall, the domestic HDPE market showed a good trend this week, and the quotation continued to rise sharply; The market turnover is still good. Most traders have an active wait-and-see atmosphere, strong bullish intention, and downstream manufacturers are active in buying. On the whole, it is expected that there is more room for the market to continue to rise in the future

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