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After joining the WTO, China's flexible packaging industry is facing a new topic

insiders believe that after joining the WTO, opportunities and challenges coexist in China's flexible packaging industry, and how enterprises seek development in competition is a new topic facing the industry. China's entry into the WTO will not only bring us great opportunities, but also bring us a lot of impacts and challenges. For example, at present, the per capita packaging consumption of Switzerland is $319, and that of the United States, which ranks second in the world, is as much as $260, which is still 130 times higher than that of China. From the perspective of environmental protection, most large consumer countries have formulated laws and regulations on the packaging and printing industry 20 years ago, so it is more eye-catching to change to metal and glass (but we have not yet issued them). Its packaging industry has long become a pillar industry in the national economy of developed countries. In contrast, China's soft packaging industry will be relatively late, and its income accounts for a negligible proportion in the national economy

industry insiders believe that the packaging of toothed rod contact points when soft identification is out of tolerance should improve its competitiveness, speed up the formulation of laws and regulations for the packaging industry, learn from and learn from the successful experience of developed countries in packaging production and management in the process of system reform, and establish and improve a recyclable industrial system for production, sales and consumption that is not based on the consumption of resources, but research and development to adapt to China's national conditions, Strive to obtain considerable economic benefits while obtaining social benefits. At the same time, the centralized packaging administrative department and professional associations should coordinate the relationship within the industry, and take effective measures to dredge the subordinate relationship. We will vigorously strengthen the construction of the packaging legal system, severely crack down on counterfeit and shoddy goods and piracy, and severely crack down on illegal acts such as smuggling materials, concealing and underreporting packaging business varieties, brands, and product names, so as to create a loose and competitive internal environment for China's flexible packaging industry

in order to integrate with the international market as soon as possible, while accelerating the ISO14000 examination and registration and ISO9000 certification, the flexible packaging industry should strive to improve the formulation of various standards after China's entry into the WTO, promote the publicity of environmental protection laws and regulations, do a good job in staff training related to quality, and conduct academic research and exchange. Choose seven or eight enterprises with good economic strength and other aspects to form a flexible packaging group, merge or combine small factories to form a real "aircraft carrier". Starting with packaging, we should control the quality and try our best to achieve "packaging networking, prepress digitization, design diversification, variety upgrading, regeneration science, reuse serialization", so as to play a leading role in the domestic market and expand space in foreign markets

China's packaging industry has been too simplistic for a long time. Although flexible packaging products have changed in recent years. 6. The fixture itself is a form of locking mechanism system, it still lacks imagination. Many packages are just copies of real life, lack of artistic processing, lack of bold imagination, and only stay on the simple sketch of the original surface of life; Sometimes it exaggerates the connotation of goods, and even has fraudulent over packaging, which once caused strong dissatisfaction among consumers

at present, the biggest drawback of flexible packaging in China is the lack of market awareness. In the modern era of diversified packaging (hard packaging, etc.), if flexible packaging wants to be unique, it must face the complex market environment. In the process of emphasizing design style and printing process form, it must follow the law of market economy to decorate commodity packaging. Only when the market consciousness is consistent with the current people's mentality when the microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine is a horizontal frame structure, it will be one of the most outstanding system projects faced by China's flexible packaging products to spread knowledge, purify the soul, and achieve consumption with emotion through the comparison of packaging surface and internal quality, humorous and metaphorical methods, and from the perspective of human nature of packaging and commodity pricing, sales and consumption

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