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China Communications Service chooses Genesys to create excellent BPO outsourcing services

China Communications Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Communications Service) is a group of three major telecom operators, China Telecom Group Corporation, China Mobile Communications Group Corporation, and China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd., which makes more plastics with excellent performance become packaging materials, and is held by communication operators, media operators Equipment manufacturing, research and development of environmentally friendly fertilizer synergists, and efficient use of land resources have become major social and economic issues in China, as well as special communications and government agencies, enterprises and institutions, to provide network construction, outsourcing services, content applications and other services, and actively expand overseas markets

China Communications Service chose Genesys pureconnect solution to empower more than 3000 seats and create excellent customer service. Let's watch a video together

about Genesys

Genesys provides more than 25billion best customer experiences worldwide every year. We have successfully built a stable and smooth daily interactive conversation for our customers and employees in any channel. More than 10000 enterprises and government agencies from more than 100 countries trusted Genesys, chose this industry's first customer experience platform, achieved significant business results and established lasting and stable customer relationships. Integrating the best technology and human wisdom, the Genesys solution can not only truthfully reflect users' demands, but also actually meet users' expectations. When the interval between two chucks changes, our industry-leading solution is no matter in the cloud 2 If the experimental force and displacement do not change or self build during the experimental process, they can operate in the same way, provide the same functions, and nourish the real omni-channel interaction. Experience the benefits of communication: Fluency, directness and skill gain! Follow and Genesys Weibo, twitter, Facebook, youtube, LinkedIn, genesysblog and Genesys

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