Did women ever think that your privacy would be on

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When passing the security check, have women ever thought that your "privacy" will be exposed on the instrument

but when the molecular weight is particularly high than the security check, have women ever thought that your "privacy" will be exposed on the instrument

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original title: when passing the security check, have women ever thought about it, Your "privacy" will be exposed on the instrument

the emergence of trains and planes has brought great convenience to people's travel. Nowadays, many people choose to take trains or planes when they travel far away. As we all know, passengers must accept security check before entering the airport and railway station. The purpose of security check is to prevent dangerous goods from entering the waiting area through plastic pipes, so as to avoid some illegal elements from endangering the life safety of other passengers. It is the duty of every passenger to accept security check

when people go through the security check, the items on their bodies and in their bags will be clearly seen by the security inspector, because the security check machine can "see through", no matter how many clothes the passengers wear, the security inspector can see the items hidden in the clothes. So the girls have a problem. Since they can see through their clothes, the security inspectors can see all of themselves when they accept the security check

in fact, it is not. The security inspection machine can really see the objects in the female passenger's clothes, but its perspective principle is similar to that of the X-ray in the hospital. The human body will only display a piece of white, while the objects blocking the human body are shown in black, so the security inspectors can't see the specific structure of the human body. In addition, the security inspectors are all people with professional ethics. If different gaps are left according to different sample shapes (including rubber sheets for rectangular samples), they will not say when they see that the non-metallic impact tester has something shy for passengers during inspection, so passengers don't have to worry about exposing their privacy during security inspection

people's privacy is protected by law. As a national employee, security inspectors will not infringe on the privacy of passengers, and accepting security inspection is a task that everyone must accept, which is responsible not only for themselves, but also for other passengers. What do you think of this? Welcome to the message area below


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