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Diesel generator set of 20kW refitted vehicle

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20 kW dump truck diesel generator set, during the period when the value determines the quality, because the cost of diesel fuel is persistently high, determines that the diesel generator set, as a power station style of sustainable utilization, will eventually suffer from bad luck. In the future, as long as the users can not deal with the performance of gas supply, the initial investment funds are insufficient, the power of the generator set is very small, the quality determines the cost, and the cost of domestic machinery is really cheap. If it is a domestic machine If the quality of machinery can reach the standard, why should anyone else buy export machinery, partnership machinery, and spend a lot of money exporting foreign power and motors? If the quality is the same as that of domestic machinery, it will be self defeating. There is no one to do the business at a loss. If the structure quality of the electro-hydraulic high-frequency fatigue testing machine of tens of thousands of generators can be sold for thousands of yuan, what would it take to spend so much money on the machinery of the partnership. It can only be said that every penny is worth every penny to promote industrial energy conservation and emission reduction in an all-round way

quotation characteristics of diesel generator and detailed parameters of the manufacturer are as follows:

compact layout and lightweight volume

compared with other well-known brands in the world, it has the same cylinder diameter/stroke, higher contraction ratio, and can input greater power

excellent operation economy

- suitable for continuous operation

- advanced fuel process design

- low fuel consumption, lower than 220g/kwh

- minimum protection requirements, The oil filter can be changed in 400 hours

the 50 ℃ water tank is adopted to ensure the normal work of cooling fragmentary parts in high temperature environment, Less than landing power input

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[main business of the company]: gasoline generator, digital frequency conversion silent generator, diesel generator, self-priming pump, power generation electric welding machine Major technical specifications and parameters such as liquefied gas generators

generator technology parameters

generator model

item to22000tsi

generator type

generator type


number of phases three phase/single-phase

Three phase/single phase

rated speed (RPM)

additional speed 3000/3600

rat and can be calibrated Correcting parameters and normal experiments ed power (kw)

additional power 20

rated voltage (V)

additional voltage 230/400

max power (kw)

maximum input 25

power factor (COS)

power factor 0.9/1

rated frequency (Hz)

frequency 50 (60)

insulation class

insulation grade F class

engine engine bone stroke (mmxmm)

cylinder diameter x stroke 86x94

displacement (L)

displacement 2.2

max power (kw)/rpm

maximum power/speed 75kW/3800 ~ 4000rpm

max torque (n.m/rpm)

maximum torque 220/()

starting mode

starting style consumption


fuel consumption rate 240g

lube capacity

engine oil volume 5.5L (dry)

lube brand

smooth oil trademark ≥ CD level or SAE 10W-30, 15w-40

cd level or above or SAE 10W-30, 15w-40

c Ⅰ -4 (GB)

compression ratio

compression ratio 22:1

engine type

engine type in-line four cylinder, four stroke, water-cooled, turbocharged, SOHC (single camshaft), 8-valve Electric control VE pump Eddy current quenching chamber ERG intercooling

fuel capacity (L)

fuel capacity 55

emission standard

emission standard:

National IV/Euro IV

fuel brand

fuel type vehicle diesel (III, IV): 0 (summer) -10 (winter) -35 (extreme cold)

noise (DB)

noise ≤ 78


lenthx widthX hight

length, width and height 1480mmx780mmx1020mm

n.w (kg) Gross weight 410

as for the after-sales like this generator, the conventional operation will not show any results. If there are some small results in the vulnerable parts or compensation operation, danize after-sales technology will help you deal with them directly, and we will send you the spare parts by express. If there are big problems in the machinery, such as the power or the motor, no matter where you bought your machinery, All of them need to be returned to the factory for repair. During the warranty period, only if all the costs arising from the mechanical quality performance are borne by our manufacturer

4. After sales: how can I get the goods after buying danieze generator

answer: the customer service replied that "danianze" brand generators are mainly consigned through logistics, and collaborative logistics is a major logistics in the world. If they don't come to the logistics point from you, we will take other special lines for logistics, and the machinery will be guaranteed for one year! Lifetime supply of accessories and device protection

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