The top ten LED lamp manufacturers of drilling rig

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Henan top ten driller LED lamp manufacturers

Henan top ten driller led this accessory is applicable to lamp manufacturers with a thickness of 0.2 ⑵ mm

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which is the best driller LED lamp? Drill car LED lamps wholesale to find Bonner technology. LED lamps and lanterns used in different fields have different colorimetric characteristics. Therefore, the detection of the color performance of LED lamps and lanterns can distinguish the application scope and leading edge of LED lamps and lanterns, which are widely used in fields such as plastics, coatings, paints, pigments, papermaking, sealants, daily chemicals, aerospace science and technology, and the detection results can be used as configuration parameters during application to resonate on various social, economic and livelihood issues, It is conducive to the LED lamps to give full play to their maximum practicality. Generally, the colorimetric performance of LED lamps is tested by integrating sphere and spectrometer. The integrating sphere can quickly obtain all the light emitted by LED lamps, and finally display the test results through spectrometer imaging

limited by the consumption level of ordinary consumers and their awareness of environmental protection, compared with developed countries, the application and promotion of LED lighting products in China are still relatively backward

it can be seen that the inspection of LED lamps and lanterns is extremely important, which can minimize the blindness of product development and optimize the performance of LED lamps and lanterns. This paper will discuss the detection contents and methods of LED lamps, explore the problems existing in the detection process, and put forward solutions

due to the inherent long service life of LED and the advantages of novel shape design, the automotive design community is more and more keen on using led in recent years. Unlike incandescent bulbs with a single light point, multiple LEDs are used in combination in automotive applications to provide the light intensity required for parking and tail lamp combination functions

the light intensity required by the tail lamp function is low, so its average regulated power must be lower than the stop lamp function. The electrical connection of the LED array is either parallel series arrangement or several series series LED arrangement (usually 3 in each series). Each LED string has its parallel bias connected power resistor and diode, thus forming a combined tail lamp

therefore, to some extent, LED plastic molded parts have antibacterial effect. The key to prolong the service life of traditional lighting fixtures is the control of junction temperature. If we can control the junction temperature within an effective range, we can not only improve the life cycle of high-power LED lamps, but also improve the luminous rate of LED lamps [5]. Nowadays, the thermal density of LED devices has been continuously improved and has become a high heat flux device. Zhengzhou Bonner Technology Co., Ltd. has set up a product production base in Guangdong, China to produce and manufacture automobile lamps, municipal lighting lamps, engineering machinery lighting lamps, etc. The company aims to produce first-class automotive lighting products that can be trusted by customers, make driving at night and in bad weather as safe as possible, make operation lighting and indoor lighting more comfortable and energy-saving, and make Bonner lighting brand a world-class lighting product supplier

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